THE Axarquia authorities claim the Junta is trying to ‘erase the region from the map’.

They insist the regional authorites – once again – bypassed the area for tourism grants.

It comes after the Junta decided to give the western Costa del Sol seven million euros to improve its beaches, while withholding money from the Axarquia.

President of the Mancomunidad Oscar Medina claims the Junta is already two years late in paying out an earlier grant worth 1.5 million euros.

According to Medina, Tourism Minister Luciano Alonso promised that the region would receive the money before the end of last year but still nothing has been received.

Medina is now calling on the Junta to stop ‘abusing’ the Axarquia and help boost the area.

“We can no longer be overlooked by the Junta,” he said.

However the Junta has rejected the accusations and claims only 25 per cent of the amount is owed.

It insists that the money can only be paid when the region justifies its current spending plan.

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  1. Good in a strange sort of way, who wants The Axarquia to become like the Western Costa del Sol? Grants for essential improvements are lacking, but grants to build golf courses, marinas and more hotels are a recipe for disaster.

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