25 Feb, 2012 @ 09:32
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Death row Spaniard approaches execution

THE only Spaniard on death row in America has been denied a second court case.

Pablo Ibar (right), who has been on death row in Florida for more than a decade, was found guilty of a triple assassination in 1994 and sentenced to death.

He has always maintained his innocence and had called for a second court case in a bid to be saved from capital punishment.

His request has now been denied.

His lawyer, Benjamin Waxman, said he was ‘deeply disappointed’ at the decision which the judge had postponed on three previous occasions.

Eloise Horsfield

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    • In Spain there is green light for rapes,murder,pedophile, wife and children abuse.
      Is paradise for criminals because their laws are linient.
      It was a brutal murder.

  1. He is Guilty of 3 murders and the death sentence is too kind for this low life triple murderer.
    Something like dementia and ALS the 2 worst illnesses
    would be far more fitting for this triple murderer
    being beaten in a U.S.A. nursing home would be more
    fitting then being very kindly killed by just being
    nicely put to sleep, that’s no punishment.
    A lot of people with awful illnesses would love to
    have a nice death like that for assisted susicide to
    end pain and suffering.
    American nursing homes are far worse then the legal
    system, this man should get far worse then the death
    sentence in a nice U.S.A. prison with T.V. and good
    food. leathal injection is a very kind way to be put
    to death and should never be given to trash like Pablo
    Ibar, it should be only given for assisted suicide which
    one day will be legal for the disabled and sick who are
    suffering. Hard Labor would be a better punishment and
    far cheaper for the tax payer , all murderers should get
    hard labor and not be paid, If death sentence is given
    it should be the gas chamber or electric chair. Probley
    electric chair so organs can be used after he is put to
    death is far more fitting if death is given but hard
    labor is far more fitting doing jobs so hard that a
    honest worker would be paid about $75.+ a hour and would
    cause health problems later in life.
    stefanjo your talking about a triple murderer, U.S.A.
    prisons too kind for this trash from Spain.

  2. Margaret,

    Your comments are not fair. First I have known this man since the day he was born. I have seen the video dozens of times and I am totally convinced it is not him that committed those hoorrible crimes! I would bet my life on it.

    Furthermore know your facts he was born in the good ole USA His mother was from the USA (passed away – he wasn’t allowed to go to his mothers funeral.)He’s father is from Spain thats why the spanish government got involved He has been denied an apeal because the new evidence would exonarate him. Our justice system is not the best especially in Florida.

    Please know the facts before judging. I’m sure you would ot like being judged this hard if you were innocent.

    BTW he is not trash and I recent from the bottom of my soul what you have written above.

  3. Witch hunt. He may be innocent and you don’t know. What if it was you who was accused? I feel for the victims and their families but what if this guy is innocent? You are not being fair and I don’t wish that on you. Get smart and stop following everyone else’s ideas and beliefs

  4. I believe on death row but in this case why they do not allow a new trial. The DNA found do not match his and the video was blurry go ahead and look at all the evidence again. They did it for the other guy that was found guilty with him and now he is going to be set free. It doesn’t make sense.

  5. Pathetic how ignorant people post on stuff they know nothing about! were u w/him on that night ? do u know where he was,?and was that the only place he went,? or did he go to more then one location/destination,? how long he was there,? what he was doing,? what he was wearing? was he alone,? if not how many ppl & who they were that he was with on that night? i can be almost 100% positive your answer is no bcuz if u did then i wud probably know who u are? i can answer much of thee above and i could tell u more however u are a nothing an i need not waste my time telling u sumthin that is none of ur business & do not deserve to be made knowledged of! he is innocent! contrary to your beliefs based on factual knowledge There was no possible way he was the person who carried out this horrific crime on butch and those two women! so i have to say to the ppl who wish this innocent man to death clearly your such more-ons correction more-off’s bcuz u are way more-off then u are on!

  6. He commited a similar home invasion in Miami weeks earlier. He was at the bar and saw Casey flashing money. He was washing bloody clothes on that night. His own mother identified him from the video footage not knowing he had just murdered three people. he always hung out with Penalver who was identified on the video also. He’s guilty as sin and he needs to repent and stop this lying facade.

  7. I had a chance to meet mr.pablo ibar while i was incarcerated with him at the broward county jail.my prayers go out to his family and loved ones.I know justice is blind and God will deliver those who Trust and believe in The Almighty God.

  8. America laid bare and I thought that many Brits had little knowledge of grammar but these Americans are virtually illiterate – Trump for president – very likely.

  9. You wish to see the state of a society, you look in its jails. Capital punishment is barbaric and not worthy of decent humanity. A state which condones murdering prisoners is as sick as the perpetrators of the crime.

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