ENJOYING the beach in Benalmadena is about to become more complicated, as anti-social behaviour measures are introduced – which include banning swimming before 11am.

Under new bylaws approved by the Socialist town hall and to be formally introduced in a month’s time, beachgoers will not be allowed to place their towels and parasols between sun loungers and shore.

On this same stretch of sand, sun lounger touts will no longer be able to peddle their wares.

Environment councillor Inmaculada Vasco says the new measures are aimed at making the beach ‘a place for the whole family’, but PP councillor Rafael Obrero has criticized the moves, arguing that they are ‘restrictive and unfair’ for businesses.

Obrero says the new measures are an excessive limitation to the use and enjoyment of the coast.

The ‘no swimming before 11am’ rule is apparently to enable the beach to be cleaned.

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  1. What did we all do before we had a ‘Beach Councillor’?? I suppose we just enjoyed ourselves at the seaside without any one to protect us from ‘antisocial’ people.

    I hope that Olive Press photographers will be there when this ‘scheme’ is launched so they can print photos of the ‘enforcers’-armed presumably.

    Beggars belief in a recession, when Spain needs all the holidaymaker cash it can get, to employ more workers, that they would invent a scheme to keep holiday makers away!

  2. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in Spain. It’s just the people in town halls, the Guardia Civil, Traffico etc etc that are ruining this country, and it’s main source of income and job opportunities at the coast – TOURISM!! Pathetic!

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