By Wendy Williams

A BRITISH expat has praised a Spanish vet for saving his dog that was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Emmanuel Coe, 38, is delighted after his 10-year-old Schnauzer Monty started to make a recovery after using pioneering ozone treatment.

“The vet told us that he had just one month to live but that was two months ago,” explained  Coe, from Leeds, who has lived in Algeciras for 12 years.

“The reality was harsh, but thanks to this pioneering treatment he is showing remarkable signs of recovery.

“From being ‘basket ridden’ he is suddenly back to his old tricks.”

And the improvement is entirely down to coincidence as the vet he randomly chose, Algeciras’ Clinica el Estrecho, is one of only a handful offering the treatment in Spain.

“Apparently only two vets in the whole country undertake this treatment,” said Coe.

Vet Miguel Hormigo, 48, told the Olive Press: “It is not a new treatment, it has been used for over 50 years in Germany, but is used very little here.

“I decided to look into it after my father was diagnosed with cancer two years ago.

We began to look for an alternative treatment and found ozone.

“I then decided to use it in my work and am very happy with it.

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  1. “Ozone treatment” What is it? Anything like “bioresonance therapy”? Glad the dog is feeling better, but what has ozone to do with it? How is the vets dads cancer these days? It can hardly be pioneering if it’s been in use for fifty years in Germany.If it is so wonderful, it’s amazing the world isn’t beating a path to the door of practitioners of it. Sadly, the conclusion is, yet more voodoo. Seems like it’s another mole for whacking.

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