By James Bryce

A CHEERLEADING group in Gibraltar is challenging common perceptions of the discipline in order to attract more boys.

The Gibraltar Cheerleading Association is putting together a mixed team of boys and girls to perform ‘Street Cheer’ routines.

Street Cheer fuses several dance genres and helps develop skills including balance, flexibility and team work.

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  1. The whole point of “Cheerleaders” is to distract the onlookers from the fact that American football is mind-numbingly boring and goes on for hours. Which is why young nubile women prancing around in bikinis fit the bill, to an extent, but boys don’t, I hope !

  2. Dear Nick – I side with PM’s point of view. I’ve seen my Brother in NY dance in a short skirt ….. I prefer the girls!
    On “American Football” – definitely one of the dumbest, time consuming, least action/hr of any sport I’ve seen .. except sleeping after a beer & half time snack

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