FORMER employment councillor Antonio Fernandez has been jailed for corruption in the ongoing ERE scandal.

Judge Mercedes Alaya ordered him to prison without bail first thing this morning just hours after he finished giving his final testimony to the court following four days of interrogation.

The decision followed a request from the anti-corruption prosecutor and accusations made by the Partido Popular and the Manos Limpias union that he was a flight risk and could influence other witnesses in the case.

Fernandez – who held his post from 2004 to 2010 – left the court in a police van at 7.54 and was transferred to Moron prison.

He is the third person to be jailed since the scandal broke – following the arrest of Javier Guerrero, and his chauffer, Juan Francisco Trujillo – and is charged with six offences including fraud, misappropriation of public funds and bribery.

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