IT is a story that does not need dressing up.

The facts are simple: Posh frock thieves Annette Daniel, 50, and Jean McGovern, 45, are thought to be on the loose on the Costa del Sol.

Police believe the pair fled here, after the audacious theft of four designer dresses – worth €30,000 – from Harrods.

They are among five suspects being investigated over the heist of Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren originals in May.

The pair are part of a skilled thieving gang who use wigs and hats to disguise themselves, often distracting staff and stashing items WITHIN the store that are later picked up by other gang members.

Incredibly nobody noticed the dresses were gone until the following day, with Scottish criminals Daniel and McGovern the prime suspects after they were identified on CCTV with three accomplices.

Daniel, sister of gangster Jamie Daniel, was first arrested in 1985 when she attempted to leave Harrods with a haul of suits for her then lover.

Her criminal record was named ‘disgusting’ in 2006 by a Glasgow sheriff.

McGovern, too, whose cousin is murderer Paul McGovern, faced 14 charges of shoplifting and one of fraud two years ago – but mysteriously the case against her was dropped.

One police source told the Daily Record: “If I was a shopkeeper in Marbella, I’d be keeping my eyes peeled for a pair of middle-aged Scottish women.”

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