TWO Senagalese hawkers are in court this month facing 1.5 years behind bars – plus a 500€ fine and deportation – for allegedly putting three local police officers in hospital.

The pair, who are not legal residents in Spain, had been standing guard to protect manteros – vendors displaying merchandise on mantas (blankets) – from the police.

When the three officers approached in Granada’s busy Acera del Darro area last May, a fight broke out, with the accused men allegedly kicking, punching and headbutting the police officers.

They are also charged with causing 681 euros in damage to the patrol car which took them to the police station.

Last month five Senegalese manteros accused police officers of beating them while they were being held in custody in Alicante.

Several campaigns have been conducted by town halls in southern Spain including Cartagena, Nerja and Marbella in an attempt to control the activity of illegal hawkers.


  1. hahahahahhaha.
    i havent laughed so much for ages.

    a bunch of spanish cops vs a couple of black immigrants! in the south.
    And someone claims the cops came out worse off.


    And 600euro fine for bleeding in my car.


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