13 Jul, 2012 @ 10:24
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Saudi prince given go ahead for housing project in Estepona

Saudi prince given green light for housing project in Estepona

By Helen Pierpoint

A GREEN light has been given for the Saudi Royal Family to build a total of 1,477 homes near Estepona.

The project, which includes a six-star hotel, is planned for the El Paraiso area.

Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, a frequent visitor to the Costa del Sol, got planning permission from Estepona Town Hall for the development.

The prince, who is successor to the Saudi throne, originally applied for planning permission in 2008.

The project will net Estepona Town Hall €2 million in planning fees which it says will go towards infrastructure projects.

The plan will now have to be approved by the Junta.

Prince Salman shares his Estepona residence with an entourage of 100 people affiliated with the royal family and is often seen cruising the Med on his yacht.

He is due to visit the resort this summer.


  1. Quote: “The project will net Estepona Town Hall €2 million in planning fees which it says will go towards infrastructure projects.”

    Well, of course, isn’t that just what Estepona needs?

    What clowns are running this Town/Province/Country?

  2. Another. 1,477 empty properties in Estepona. I suppose this will all be financed by a “healthily Spanish bank” who will have to repossess the development some years down the line when none have been sold.

    I am sure the Prince will not be using his own money to develop this project so who is the crazy loan official who will approve this loan

  3. While I do agree about the empty property angle, I wouldn’t be quite so quick to knock the idea. The future Saudi king making the decision to plough money into Estepona in the midst of the worst recession in living memory will not go unnoticed by the rest of the world.

  4. Yes just what they need another empty hotel and empty property on the Coast. Yaaaa for Estepona! Why does Salam not spend the money on women’s issues or to improve conditions his own country first… Its sicking to read about.

    Why does the world allow leaders from countries such as SA all these freedoms when they have nightmare human rights issues in their home countries. What a sad state of affairs really.

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