By Helen Pierpoint

HALF of the 18 people arrested during the demonstrations in Madrid have been released according to police reports.

The group were brought before the courts accused of causing public disorder, assaulting an officer and criminal damage.

Charges may still be brought against those released.

It comes after clashes between demonstrators and police turned violent when a group of miners tried to enter the Industry Ministry, knocking down barriers in the process.

Bottles and fireworks were then thrown by people protesting against the series of austerity measures recently announced by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Police retaliated by firing rubber bullets and charging at the protestors.

In total 76 people including 42 demonstrators, 33 police officers and a photographer were injured.

Meanwhile, the chief of the National Police, Ignacio Cosido has praised the actions of riot police saying, ‘both police units, which ensured safety during the rally, and the main body of miners acted responsibly, sensibly and with professionalism.’

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