9 Aug, 2012 @ 14:00
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Water shortages combatted across the Axarquia

RESIDENTS across the Axarquia are facing water rationing.

In La Vinuela – despite having the biggest lake in Malaga – a hosepipe ban has already been introduced for gardens and swimming pools.

While described as a ‘precautionary’ measure, it aims to save water to prevent cuts later in the summer.

It comes as the PSOE mayor came under attack from the PP after various small settlements, such as Los Romanes, had problems with water.

A spokesman described the town hall’s water policy as ‘useless’ and said it is ‘incomprehensible’ that residents should endure cuts each summer despite being on the doorstep of Lake Vinuela.

Meanwhile Competa has begun turning off the water supply at night to ensure there is enough water until the rains return in the autumn.

PP mayor Jose Luis Torres explained: “Most families will not be affected because they have water tanks that will fill up during the day.”


  1. We have had no water for close to 2 weeks now in Arenas. They do turn it back on to fill up our (depositos) but only for a few hours per week (not good if you dont have one) or if like me, the water comes with such low pressure that it would take a week to fill up the deposito to have a one day supply of water, Town Hall answer = go buy a lorry of water, oh yes very well at nearly 100€ a lorry which would fill up my deposito and give me water for about 5days. So why do I have to do this when the lake is FULL, Maybe a better idea would be ….. we consume the water, and IF I am saying IF it runs dry, then I will be glad to pay for a lorry of water. Now if you live in the campo (most ex pats and no residents ie the people who cant vote in the local town elections) then we get bigs cuts, but from taking to local people in the town centre (mainly Spanish voting residents to the town) they hardly ever get cut off their supply. Why do you think that is???? ahmmmm a good question!

  2. Live at El Parador. Despite paying mega rates for no services plus water charges etc. La Vinuela town hall are unable to supply water to our home. August is an important time for visitors & family to our house. No water to wash in with small children in residence.
    We paid lots of Euros for a licence to build a swimming pool to the town hall plus we used local labour to build it. We cant fill it it despite the lake at Vinuela being 70% full at the moment. This must be political? Perhaps the Spanish would prefer that we moved away? Very sad isnt it?
    Surely this infringes basic human rights? Doesnt it?

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