16 Aug, 2012 @ 12:53
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Ryanair could lose right to fly in Spain

ryanair lose licence
Grounded: Ryanair

By Rund Abdelfatah

RYANAIR may lose its licence to fly in Spain for three years after three planes diverted from Madrid to Valencia on the same day.

Three Ryanair planes were forced to land in Valencia on July 26 as a result of bad weather over Madrid.

The aircraft were given landing priority after their pilots issued ‘Mayday’ calls indicating they were running low on fuel.

They were placed in a holding pattern in the air before landing safely at Valencia’s Manises Airport.

Following a complaint made by the Spanish CEACCU consumer association, the Spanish Airport Authority issued a denuncia to the State Air Security Agency who launched an investigation on August 9 to probe why the low-cost carrier needed to make three emergency landings in one day.

However Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara denied they were emergency landings, insisting they were ‘normal’.

He said: “All Ryanair flights operate with the required levels of fuel. This includes the fuel needed for travelling on the runway, the flight, re-routings, diversions, and unforeseen events.”

The Official College of Commercial Aviation Pilots (COPAC) suspects that the airline may be prioritising economic efficacy above safety, as less fuel means less weight and lower consumption.

If the investigation reveals irregularities in the company’s conduct, the airline could lose its operating licence to fly in Spain for up to three years and face a fine of €4.5 million.



  1. And right next to this article is a link to another story “ryanair earns a trillion eruos in the first half of this year…” Profits before Safety. Good old capitalisum.

    Werent they going to charge for toilet use? If thats true i going to p*ss on the floor of their planes. Its just wrong!

  2. Derek, it isn’t “some freak incidents coinciding”. Ryanair has made ??a lot of irregularities and passengers and the government are sick: cabin depressurized, emergency landings, abusive commissions (for payment by card, print your boarding pass, per bag), refuse boarding to children than don’t carry a passport (Spanish laws bind only carry the identification card for a national fly), etc. Patience has a limit.

  3. lalaland – we’ve flown with Swyanair all the time and never had any bad experiences. ‘Paying for printing boarding pass’ – only by people who are disorganised!! Everyone needs a passport. Stupid arguments here…

  4. Beside Ryanair, a few OTHER airlines were diverted and requested Priority Landing due to fuel levels. The MAYDAY call is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT once fuel levels or some other factor poses a threat to passengers. It easily happens when MANY flights are diverted to an airport simultaneously and overload the airports safe landing system.

  5. Seeing all aircraft must had the same problems but they did not have to divert, you can fly a plane in the air but you can not fly on it. No doubt they fill up a the cheapest pump.

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