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BREAKING: Two planes collide on the tarmac at major airport in Spain’s Mallorca

TWO planes have collided at Palma Airport after the wing of an aeroplane hit the horizontal stabiliser of a second plane this morning.  No people...

Firefighters hope for storms to help dampen down massive wildfire burning across Alicante province in Spain

AROUND 11,500 hectares of land has been destroyed so far in the Vall d'Ebo fire in Alicante Province which started on Saturday. Hope may be...

Spain’s government announces aid plan for airlines in wake of coronavirus crisis

THE Spanish government has announced an aid plan for airlines in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

EasyJet plan to leave middle seats on planes empty once lockdown is lifted, to allow for social distancing

EASYJET have announced that they plan to leave middle seats empty on their planes, even once the lockdown is lifted.

Ryanair offer all their aircrafts to EU governments to combat coronavirus

RYANAIR have offered all their aircrafts to EU governments in the fight against Covid-19.

BREAKING: All flights from mainland Spain to Balearic and Canary islands prohibited from midnight tonight

ALL flights from mainland Spain to the Balearic and the Canary islands have been cancelled.

Two rowdy men arrested after heated scrap on flight from Spain’s Mallorca to Dublin

When they landed at Dublin Airport a fight broke out between them, at the bottom steps of the plane.

Busted cocaine cartel was building private airfield in Andalucia to fly in drugs from Morocco

A DRUG smuggling cartel has been busted building a private airfield in Andalucia in a bid to fly in cocaine from Morocco.  Some 14 suspected...

Malaga tipped to be a Christmas hit among Spanish travellers

As the great Christmas getaway gears up for another year, Malaga airport is braced for a bumper festive influx.

Spain takes train and ditches plane

22% increase in the number of people travelling by train in January 2014 compared to previous year

Passengers retrieving luggage impeded Spain-bound flight evacuation

Passengers removing luggage from the overhead lockers delayed evacuation procedure

Ryanair could lose right to fly in Spain

The Irish airline is under investigation after three Madrid-bound planes were diverted to Valencia

Snakes on a plane: Man caught trying to board flight to Spain with 247 live animals in suitcase

Airport workers in Argentina found poisonous snakes and endangered reptiles inside the baggage of a Czech man who was about to board a flight to Madrid

You WILL take the train to Spain

Sun-seekers could be forced to take trains from UK to Spain to reduce carbon emissions

More Monarch flights from UK to Spain

UK airline Monarch have scheduled more budget flights from Spain to the UK

Granada grounded by Ryanair cutbacks

Travel chaos for thousands as Ryanair cancels four of its routes from Granada




What to do in Valencia this October

The summer heat has retreated, leaving behind a refreshing cool breeze and plenty of autumn sun. Coming up - a special month for the...


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