A MAN accused of killing his landlady and throwing her dismembered body into the sea has pleaded not guilty.

The prosecution claims he stabbed the woman twice, suffocated her then ‘butchered’ her body into four parts.

While the defendant admits he lived with the victim in Casares for a few weeks in 2007, he said the last he saw of her was when she left for a trip with a friend.

He claimed he does not know anything had happened to the woman until he was arrested in 2010.


  1. A very sparse report here. Questions: Have the body parts been recovered? If not, how can anyone know how this lady died? Even if the parts have been found, how is it possible to know she was suffocated? The sea isn’t exactly kind to cut-up bodies. If the prosecution is relying on conjecture, without any forensics, even Spanish courts would wriggle to get a conviction. Doesn’t sound like a confession is involved either.

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