By Dana Ferguson

SPANISH singer Isabel Pantoja has appeared in court on corruption and money laundering charges.

Pantoja, 56, is also facing three and a half years behind bars and a €3,8 million fine for laundering money that had allegedly been obtained by illicit means from Marbella Town Hall by then-mayor Julian Munoz.

Her lawyer, Jose Angel Galan, argued the Sevillan-born Pantoja was unjustly accused and that the investigation ‘has violated her fundamental rights’.

The prosecution sustains that Pantoja knew about the origin of the funds she laundered.

Munoz’s ex-wife Maite Zaldivar faces the same sentence as Pantoja, while Munoz faces seven and a half years in prison for bribery.






  1. well – that’s new. Has ANYONE in this Malaya Case pleaded
    “Guilty” to any charges?
    This trial case is ALSO referred to as “The Legal Officials’ Retirement Plan” with STILL no hard evidence presented. Next will come their Movie proposals… book drafts… start-up companies (“HOT Marbella Properties for YOU!”)etc. BLAH!

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