A GRANADA court has denied a request to excavate a site in nearby Alfacar that is believed to be the final resting place of the poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

The exact location of the poet in an unmarked grave has been the subject of controversy ever Lorca was executed during the first months of the Spanish Civil War.

But local historian Miguel Caballero, author of The Last 13 Hours of Garcia Lorca, insists he has found the spot.

He claims the unmarked grave, in the Penon Colorado area, was pinpointed by various oral testimonies, many gathered by Granada journalist Eduardo Molina Fajardo.

Caballero went to Alfacar Town Hall in January to request the excavation.

The site is close to the GR-3101 road and is known to have been used during the Civil War as a training ground for the Fascist troops, who are known to have executed Lorca.

The Granada judge however insists the crime is past its statute of limitations and the constitution now places a ban on such legal proceedings.

Celebrated Irish writer Ian Gibson insists the government should allow the remains to be excavated because Lorca is a symbol of those executed under Franco.

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