THE ‘cocaine chauffeur’ who admitted he spent €25,000 a month of public money on drugs and partying has been released without bail because ‘he cannot afford it’.

The controversial decision to cancel Francisco Trujillo’s €75,000 bail demand comes after his lawyer argued the fee was ‘unaffordable’.

The original fee had been set at €150,000 but investigators found Trujillo’s financial assets to be much lower than others involved in the scandal.

Trujillo played a part in the €1.3 billion theft of ERE public employment funds along with his former boss, Junta employment chief Francisco Javier Guerrero, who still remains in prison awaiting trial.

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  1. He is complicit in this Louie. A system that says “we’ll let you go because you can’t afford it” is totally laughable, but the norm for Spain of course. If all the criminals start saying this it will quickly become a problem.

  2. Quite right Fred,
    remember – it’s the ‘little people’ that make the whole thing work.

    Uncle Joe/Adolph/Frederico/Benito et al – none of these dirtied their hands – all the killing was done by ‘the little people’. That’s why Nuremburg was a joke, the real killers got away – less than half of one per cent of all Nazi killers received any punishment at all, let alone execution.

    All the corruption that is belatedly coming to light in town halls across Spain, none of it was possible without the willing help of all those working there. All the secretaries working for corrupt lawyers or architects knew what was going on and kept silent.

    Without real punishment for the ‘little people’ it will never stop and will remain at the very heart of the Spanish mentality – also applies to the UK as well – brutal conditional therapy works, not nice but very effective and long lasting.

  3. Now THAT’S the way to build International confidence in the Spanish Government and Justice system. “Spent the $$ so you can’t pay Bail = NO JAIL”! Almost as good as the UK man convicted of multiple crimes but Judge said he can’t be deported “because he established his roots in the UK by owning a…. cat”
    So many of these “events” just makes you sick.

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