14 Nov, 2012 @ 12:06
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Anti-austerity protestors take to streets across Spain leading to 81 arrests so far

anti austerity protests in madrid

By James Bryce

THOUSANDS of Spanish workers are holding a nationwide general strike in protest at government austerity measures.

Transport links and government services including schools and hospitals have been severely disrupted, while demonstrators have reportedly clashed with riot police in cities including Madrid and Malaga, leading to 81 arrests.

In Malaga, picketers attempted to stop lorries from leaving the city’s main food depot and buses in Madrid were escorted by mounted police – 34 injuries have been reported so far, including 18 police officers.

The Spanish government said 131 flights have been cancelled so far, although some reports have put the figure as high as 600, with British Airways and easyJet among the airlines worst affected.

Only 20% of train services are operating.

The action – called by the CCOO and UGT workers unions – is part of a wider movement billed as The European Day of Action and Solidarity.

It is the first time in Spain that two general strikes have been held in the same year and comes as the country endures its second recession in three years.

“In less than a year this country has gone back 35 years,” said UGT leader Candido Mendez.

James Bryce

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  1. Such stupid inane comments. These austerity cuts will force people out of their homes and a few Brits I know to have to leave Spain. It’s only a one day protest that needs to happen!

  2. Jim, I’m just saying that I did not immediately realise that there was a strike today, that’s all.

    Btw, the cuts are not forcing people out of their homes; the lack of employment and skills and the negative equity are the cause. New laws have been passed (or are being passed) to stop evictions for the most severely affected people I read today, but again too little too late from Spain; they are a very reactive, as opposed to proactive, country.

  3. Fred, the austerity cuts WILL EVENTUALLY force a lot of people out of their homes. ….So now they can stay in their homes not paying the mortgage for 2 years. This ‘too little’ you mentioned is just delaying losing their homes and causing more problems for lenders and banks and then ourselves. And if Spain isn’t a proactive country, wtf is the UK?

  4. Jim you have an obsession with the UK. This is a Spanish issues blog. Again, the austerity is not the main thing forcing people out of their homes. The lack of work and prospects is the issue; without work the mortgage cannot be paid. Zapatero said there was no crisis. If only he was a bit more truthful earlier on, a lot of problems could have been avoided.

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