Having your home and everything you own destroyed in a natural disaster is probably one of the worst things that could ever happen to you.

Watching everything you have worked for go up in flames was the nightmare for hundreds of people living in Malaga during the fires in September.

But while the human spirit is resilient and people have struggled on to rebuild their lives, a simple administration issue is stopping them take the first step to rebuilding or repairing their properties.

Scores of families have been desperately trying to seek permission from the Junta through their town hall, but the process has ground to a halt.

Here at the Olive Press, we believe this simply isn’t good enough.

Surviving a horrific fire like the one that ripped through the Costa del Sol is bad enough without the added misery of remaining homeless for months, maybe even years, on end.

We are calling for support from the mayors of the town halls and the public.

Let’s get these people’s lives back to how they were before the fires.

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