A GIBRALTAR politician has obtained an injunction against a cross-border workers’ association over allegedly defamatory remarks made on Facebook.

Environment Minister Joe Bossano has said that accusations that Spanish and Moroccan workers were banned from a Christmas party were ‘ridiculous and unfounded’.

On the social networking site, workers association CITYPEG claimed the employees were prevented from attending the event, which was held by government-owned construction company GJBS last week.

The allegedly defamatory material has now been removed from the social networking site.


“The Government regrets that it was forced to take such action and wishes to stress that it will always staunchly defend people’s right to freedom of speech,” said a government spokesman.

“This freedom does not, however, give anyone the right to make false and seriously defamatory statements and allegations such as the ones which are the subject of the injunction.”

In an earlier statement the government had strongly denied the allegations, stating: “There is absolutely no truth to the allegation which has been made that the government or any minister may have had any hand in deciding who should be invited to any Christmas party organised by GJBS.”

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