A DOCUMENTARY that centres on an abandoned car lost by Clash singer Joe Strummer in a Madrid garage in 1986 is being made.

The documentary, ‘I Need a Dodge! Joe Strummer on the run’, is being produced by British film maker, Nick Hall.

The film will depict the times when Strummer frequently left his troubles in London for the sunny climes of Spain.

In particular, it looks at the hilarious story about how the singer dumped hid beloved Dodge in a hurry ‘somewhere in Madrid’ when he flew back to the UK on hearing his daughter, Lola, was about to be born.

The legendary musician first made an appeal for the car’s return on Spanish Radio 3 live from Glastonbury Festival in the 1990s, saying: “Friends, women, brothers and sisters, I loved that Dodge”.

During the documentary, Barcelona-based film maker, Hall, sets out to find the lost car and in doing so reveals a lot about the singer’s life in Spain.

It is hoped the film, which is in post-production, will be part funded by fans of The Clash.

In return, the producers, Tindog Films, are offering a series of gifts in return for donations, including a mention during the films credits, a DVD with extras and a tour around Spain in a Dodge like Strummers.

This year is the tenth anniversary of Joe Strummer’s death of a congenital heart condition and in August he would have celebrated his 60th birthday.

For more information visit www.ineedadodge.com

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