By Frances Leate

AN aquarium plunged into financial turmoil has been saved at the 11th hour.

Due to a €9,500 electricity bill, Roquetas Aquarium, in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, was facing immediate shut down – which would have caused the instant death of thousands of rare and endangered fish and other marine life.

Endesa was threatening to turn off the electricity – which controls the habitat of the deep sea fish – if the bill was not paid by February 7.

Just hours before the shut down, the aquarium – the biggest in Spain – was able to stump up the cash through its governing council made up of a consortium of businesses.

The Board of Directors has reassured the concerned public, insisting, ‘the animals from the centre are in no danger and their survival is guaranteed.’

They also thanked the many foundations, associations and individuals that had shown their support.

It is hoped the payment will at least bide the aquarium time to arrange a long-term solution to its huge debts, believed to have escalated to around €3.5 million.

It is thought a cash injection of 150,000€ would be needed just to keep the centre operating.

Aquarium Roquetas de Mar, which opened in July 2006, fell into financial difficulty in 2009.

It has previously been reported that the centre has been struggling to pay its staff for several months.


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