PEOPLE living in Spain are officially the healthiest in Europe.

According to the European League Table, comprised of data collected over a 20 year period by medical journal, Lancet, Spain is the healthiest place to live compared with 18 other countries in the EU.

Ranking number one for life expectancy, Spanish residents live for an average of 81.4 years-two years longer than people living in Britain.

They can also expect to enjoy up to 70.9 years of good health, compared with only 68.6 years of healthy life for the average Brit.

The UK was left lagging behind in 12th place behind Greece, Ireland and Germany.

A combination of factors has been attributed to the results including healthy eating, attitudes to drinking and a warmer climate.


  1. As I said, the weather is better in Spain than the UK but I drive up and down the motorways every week and I have not been stopped by the weather this year and I don’t have a 4×4. The Spanish probably live longer on average as most of the people in these sleepy Andalucian Villages are not working, live on what they can grow and take life easy, maybe that is the way to live life, no material objects, simple houses and cars, no stress and so on. If any of their kids want to get on it is not in these villages as there is no work. The kids do not have a bad life there, on their bikes, more freedom, less cars to run them over in the quieter areas…. One of my boys is on the bus at 7.30 in the UK, back at 4pm, then he has homework to do. I feel a bit sorry for him but he is motivated for some reason so he laps it up. He will more than likely have stressful job in London one day but is that better than plucking chickens so you can live another 3 years longer?

  2. Don’t bother Tony. We know what you’re about. Good to hear from you on here! but unfortunately we know what he’s about too… I’ve read his comments before, trying to suck the life out of anyone on this site… CONSTANTLY! It’s damaging for the comments sections. He gets away with it for some reason.

  3. The Grim Reaper… People live longer here because they’re outside more, WALKING around more. These sleepy Andalucian villages you mentioned.. are these the ones that spend most of the year socialising, having fiestas, talking to each other, promenading every night.

    You need to keep driving mate… and while you’re at it can you pick your mate on here up too!

    Why quote London. That place is horrible & unhealthy…. then people go to school and have homework at night, plucking chickens.. please!

  4. “Comprised of” is always wrong. You wouldn’t say “included of” would you?

    The UK comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is correct.

    The UK is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is not correct.

    The UK includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is correct.

    The UK is included of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is not correct.

  5. Roger, London is where you can make money. My point exactly, walk around the villages, have fiestas, siestas… Live a few years longer but be bored to death along the way but if you know nothing else that is probably fine. I have lived in Spain and have experience of many Countries. I think I would get on well with Fred because I agree with everything he writes. I would happily go for a drink with Fred in the summer. I was once like you but after almost 15 years of it the enthusiasm dwindles. Reap what you sow is what I stared out with as my name on here, but I could not be bothered to type it all out so cut it to Reap. The Spanish are reaping what they have sowed. Be good to people, be fair and positive to them and you will gain much back, but be bad and corrupt and that is why they are in this mess. Do you know why there are very few major Companies in Spain? Come on, a few rose tinted expats won’t solve it. I still take a few weeks holiday there in the Summer so I don’t hate Spain, I am just giving the view of a working age person who has lived there and my kids did go to school there. I have dealt with the local Town Halls, builders…. Other than the Town Hall everyone else was fine, the builders I used were excellent for my pool. I feel sorry for the Spanish people to have leaders like they have. With the climate and location the Country should be flying.

  6. Internet nonsense aside, I think that Spain can be a place of opportunity and also stimulating if you hang around with the right people, do the right things, talk to locals and enjoy the more laid back lifestyle. If you can’t see many positives, go back to the uk or don’t come to live here. It’s not for everyone. But we know no matter how many more years we live here, and having the Med just down the road, Spain is the country for us. Just off outside with a cup of tea, to read for a while, in the hot winter sun.

  7. Mr P epitomises people with a classic misunderstanding of anyone who critiques Spain. He hears some criticism and the only reply is the same old “go back to the UK”. So Spain is a place of opportunity is it? Well go and tell that to the youth of Spain Mr P! That’ll be an interesting response – go and ask your locals what opportunities they have.

    I suppose Mr P wants all the people affected by illegal builds to go back to the UK too? And what about the people whose homes were destroyed in the Malaga fires. Stop complaining silly people and go back to the UK, he says.

    And what makes Mr P think we don’t speak to and mix with the locals? I know all of mine and have some great friends. Been to three Spanish weddings, a funeral and lots of parties and events.

    What Spain needs is far less people like Mr P, who do nothing and accept everything as it is (“Sheeple”, I think the word is). Luckily the people of Spain are complaining in their masses – did he not hear or see the M15 movement? Give me a realist like Reap any day.

  8. Roger, I will leave you with your cup of tea but I need a bit more than that to stimulate my mind and to keep me happy. I have only complained about the Town Halls and officials above so don’t make up stories. Believe me the Officials I have dealt with were very corrupt. No doubt there are many who will put up with everything by brushing all aside and justifying it with sunshine. It is hardly an African climate there in the winter though.I sometimes wish I could see things as simple as you. You are right though, it is not for me. At least people will see a balanced view.

  9. Fred has refused to provide evidence that he lives in Spain. I wonder why that is.

    I´ll offer him another challenge. Can he prove that he and Reap are not one and the same person?

    That was in response to Fred´s question to me (see above).

    Of course, it has nothing to do with the title of this piece: “Spain is healthiest country in EU”. But that´s what I would expect.

  10. Tony, the OP can see what IP addresses people are using and they once highlighted that one person was previoulsy going by different names so I would not try that as I know what they can see. Why do you want to know the ID of everyone, are you in the police? You can see by the things I talk about that I have lived in Spain in years gone by and I still own properties there so that is why I come on here. My opinion is that if you need to work and earn money in Spain don’t bother going, if you have enough of an income and want to sit around drinking tea, beer, go down the beach everyday and you are happy with that then it is a great place for you. Don’t buy a property that needs permission for an extension from the Town Hall as it will stress you out. Make sure you don’t buy a house that is going to be knocked down, that is not good for your health. Don’t be taken in by estate agents and use an independant solicitor not tied to the estate agent, you may just have a chance then. If you go in hospital realise that your relatives have to look after you in there other than A & E. Some of the tap water is nuclear (“”) so buy bottled if unsure. There you go, good advice rather than personal attacks

  11. Fred I did say before ‘Let’s hope for better economic times ahead and that people think harder, protest more about corruption, & try their best to talk constructively rather than pointing out the bad things & giving up. That’s easy to do! Especially when people do that then laugh, when commenting on here.’

    This is what you normally do? Just this!

  12. @Tony, you’re fighting a lost cause. I gave you that challenge because it was an impossible one. My point being that you cannot prove you live here any more than I can. Indeed, no one posting on a blog can. Why don’t you get back on topic. You still have not proved that your life expectancy has increased, indeed with all your fristrated arguing with me it is probably declining lol.

  13. Yes, Fred, just like you I just picked my name out of a hat.

    And, of course, the book is a work of fiction, bearing no resemblance to reality.

    On the other hand, you could write to Jon Clarke, the editor of the Olive Press, who knows me and can vouch for my authenticity.

    Why not do that?

  14. So I write to Jon about an anonymous user who posts on the OP blog. Pleeease. Blogs prove nothing about anyone, I take all posts with a pinch of salt, and likewise you should too. For all you know it may be someone impersonating me.

    So where does that leave us? Well, you still have no idea if your life expectancy has increased or decreased. I’m happy to leave it at that but you seem very frustrated and want to continue to engage in impossible tasks.

  15. @Tony, please just prove that your life expectancy has increased. You said “you feel” it has. So it’s just a gut reaction then? That was what the original post was about. Btw, how can Jon prove in a blog post that you are Tony Bishop? I just don’t think you comprehend that your identity is just as valid as mine.

  16. Correct Reap. It matters not where Fred or anyone else lives. The only criteria for posting here, should be to have an interest in Spain and to make creative criticisms based on experiences and personal attitudes, negative or positive, to aspects of Spanish culture and life. Must say though, it seems bonkers to assert that living here will guarantee a longer life. If the bullet has your name on it…..

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