By Frances Leate

NEW homes are desperately needed for thousands of Galgo dogs ruthlessly used for hunting and then left to die.

Galgo rescue charity, The Association Galgos en Familia, say that around 5,000 Galgos are found abandoned on the streets each year.

They claim the hunters, who no longer need the dogs for hunting hares, beat the dogs before leaving them on the streets to die from hunger or from being run over.

The charity has now created a web page to try and rehome as many dogs as possible in Spain and abroad.

The founder and director of the organisation, Vera Thorenaar, has been highlighting their tragic plight since 2008.

She said: “We are aware of the importance of the internet and social networking sites in promoting the adoptions of these dogs.

“We want to make the adoption process for adopting Galgos as easy and accessible as possible that is why we have taken into account these new ways of surfing the net.”

As well as the new site, which can be accessed via mobile phones and i-pads, volunteers at the charity have made a series of videos on the Youtube channel encouraging people to volunteer and adopt.
For more information visit the charity’s website: or call 607 414 409.


  1. These people, and many others like them,do so much to help these beautiful animals. They make wonderful pets. I donate when l can to help them to continue their good work, they are so grateful for anything you can spare. I hope some of you will be able to foster or adopt.

  2. We had a talk at our ladies club on thursday by alan and jane who run PEPE,S REFUGE NR MOLLINA. THEY HAVE 82 PLUS DOGS AND A LOT OF GALGO,S. THEY NEED HELP DESPARATELY.

    They have a Spanish lady and her partner who are trying to get a group started similar to our RSPCA.

    Please spread the word to everyone . You need to get together and maybe a difference can be made.

  3. Re-homing surely isn’t the answer all people must be required to develop some understanding of the needs of animals and seeing them creeping around sick and starving has to be placed within their awareness as it really is sickening.

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