31 Mar, 2013 @ 09:01
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March sees worst rainfall in 60 years in Andalucia

rain in spain pic

IT seems the rain in Spain falls mostly in March, according to recent figures from meteorological officials.

Despite rainfall during December, January and February being way below average, at around 143 litres (compared with average of 220 litres) the heavens opened in time for spring and for many of us it feels like it hasn’t stopped raining.

And while we may feel grateful we are not experiencing the prolonged freezing temperatures blasting through many parts of Northern Europe, it certainly has put a dampener on things.

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has now confirmed that this is likely to be the wettest March since 1947.

But on the bright side, experts say all of Spain’s reservoirs are now completely full.

Frances Leate

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  1. Fred: I respect your opinion and it’s not your fault that you have limited knowledge. Our life experiences led us in different directions. If you have gone though a MSC in Climate change from UEA or similar then maybe we could have a chat.

  2. So you have an MSc. That makes two of us. Are you denying Spain has experienced prolonged rainfall?

    Life experiences do not change rainfall patterns the last time I checked.

  3. “spain is still better what ever the weather”

    That’s deep carla. Any particular aspect apart from the weather? Truth is, comparing like-for-like, nowhere is ‘better’ than anywhere else really. The UK has better custard tarts than Spain, I find. The ones in Eroski are just horrible.

  4. I am relaxed Fred. You’re far too sensitive. I was just honestly asking if you had a problem with something that’s unfortunately keeping you in Spain? …with you constantly slating the country & saying England’s better… That’s all

  5. talking about the weather is not slating a country; the weather is probably the the most talked about thing amongst the Spanish locals. Are they all slating their country by talking about it?

    And where did I say the England is better? I purchased a place in the Netherlands recently; I prefer there to the UK. Do keep up.

  6. Fred,
    I know the Netherlands very well, I used to live there (unreality take note).

    Real estate, taxes and the cost of living are outrageous – are you sure you made a good buy?

    The weather – you did’nt mention the weather Fred – rain and wind, rain and wind and in the summer you must just love all the humidity and mosquitos – it just keeps on raining.

    My Dutch maatjes cannot believe how cheaply we live in France.

    BTW – how are getting on with learning Dutch.

  7. Stuart, I love Amsterdam and have been visiting for years. It’s just a holiday home at present, and it’s rented out at other times of the year with a very nice return. It’s a nice, old apartment on one of the main canal streets. It was expensive, but luckily money was not an issue. I don’t mind spending money when you get good service and efficiency (and all the correct paperwork, unlike Spain). Prices have stayed pretty constant here – there has been no crash, yet, and quality apartments are in high demand. A nice aspect is the centralised estate agency system here; no unregulated sharks all jostling and competing. I haven’t noticed the mozzies to be honest. Dutch will take some time, but the people are friendly and English is spoken everywhere of course.

    Mr P, if you’re so bored best find another blog.

  8. That’s actually not a bad idea Fred! seeing as this site seems to be your pompous platform & yes, you are THAT annoying…

    ‘It was expensive, but luckily money was not an issue.’

    Has anyone else been sick yet? ha ha

    I’d try to stay on topic & not just self procrastinate/try and put people down.

  9. @Mr P, I suggest you spend your time on another blog where you’ll be less frustrated by other people. Btw, money was not a problem simply because I worked hard and trained hard to obtain it. I won’t say any more since you’ll just get more frustrated.

    To get back on topic I see more rain is heading in from Portugal. Rainy place, Andalucia.

  10. Fred,
    A’dam is’nt really Dutch, just like London in no way is really English.

    However it is a cracking little city – only a fool has a car, an old fashioned long wheelbased bike is the smart way to travel or walk, just don’t get your frontwheel caught in the tram tracks. The best times in A’dam were the 60s’ and 70s’ – Waterloo plein markt was like being transported to a souk and the Vondelpark was like another planet with cracking free concerts every weekend.

    I once looked after a friend’s apartment for 6 months overlooking a kade – the Dutch girls were very ‘friendly’ – what a time.

    Your absolutely right about estate agents there – no spivs like in Spain and the UK, you have to sit exams for around 2 years, likewise in insurance – in the Netherlands – no credentials = no work. In fact if are’nt fluent in at least 3 languages you can get a job labouring.

    Going to visit an old friend who lives in Freisland this year – I know I will be shocked by the prices but also great to practise my Dutch again.

  11. I was in Lisbon on the weekend. On Saturday night it rained for about 24 hours. On the local news the next day they had pictures of flooded houses etc. So much greener in Portugal, must get a lot more rain than Spain. Roger, I lived in Spain and UK and I prefer the UK, we are not all the same and we can have different preferences, it does not mean I am right or you are right, they are just personal opinions. Different places suit different people, just off for my cup of tea!!

  12. not sure stefanjo ha ha – blame the weekend’s sun, sorry I should say RAIN on this topic though yeh?

    I imagine Fred going around Amsterdam talking to Brits…
    ‘You’ve not got a local forum have you?’ ‘I’m Fred’

    Enjoy you’re cup of tea Reap. If drinking it out in the garden you could build an igloo to keep warmer maybe!

  13. Mr P, envy is a terrible thing, best depart now and find a new blog to inhabit. There’s a nice birdwatching blog I can send you a link to, if you like? Or maybe golf, or bowls perhaps?

  14. Fred you’re completely & utterly deluded! I do strive to be the OPPOSITE of yourself if that makes you feel any better.

    I think you’ve been degrading and ‘inhabiting’ this blog for far too long trying to unconstructively put everyone & everything in Spain down.

    You carry on though…

  15. custard tarts are available in gibraltar, and very yummy they are too.
    snowing again today have forgotten what sunshine is, can someone send me some please, i can pay.

  16. doh… Fred, since when did I say anything against living in Spain. I was JUST talking about you on this website.

    you talk utter confrontational NONSENSE! ALL THE TIME ON HERE TOO!! TO EVERYONE! – except being transparently ‘friendly’ to Carla here above!

  17. @Mr P, best move back to the UK. Constantly commenting on people having differing views to you shows that you are an intolerant person. Talking about bad weather (which Andalucia does experience) is not slating a country.

  18. Mr P,
    there are two reasons why we felt we had to leave the UK. One was the stupid uncontrolled price of building land – all that wealth tied up unproductively and the other was people like you.

    Unfortunately your type can be found all over the costas and a bit inland, that’s why we initially went to live in northern Galicia but contrary to your constant babbling about Spain = sunshine we had had enough of constant rain and wind all year round and went to live behind the Sierras where there were/are very few foreigners.

    It’s you who is confrontational when your ridiculous comments are blown away by those who really do know about life in Spain.

    Reap summed it up nicely – horses for courses but you and others like you can’t accept that. You cannot possibly live a healthy active life, I imagine 100 metres leaves you out of breath and I fully accept that a couch potato slob does’nt find high temps a problem because you never knew what real exercise was, even when you were young.

    You also have not had your home knocked down or burnt to the ground and found your insurance policy could only be used for toilet paper so, for you everything is rosy and anyone who has had problems you call a whinger.

    There are so many like Fred/Reap/Stefanjo and myself who came to Spain with a business plan only to find that it was impossible to implement it because of the horrendous corruption and outright stupidity of most of the Spanish who cannot see as far as the end of their noses.

    Have you ever tried, let alone set up a business in Spain, if you hav’nt shut up and stop playing the fool – we find you extremely boring.

    There are other English language forums where you will feel entirely at home. On these forums there is zero mention of corruption and where any expat who has had terrible problems – it’s their own fault.

    We wasted good years before we had to admit that a move to Spain was a mistake. I live now in a country which is’nt perfect but the mayors are honest people who really care for their communities, where it is impossible to buy land or property that is illegal. Where veg and fruit are not grown with banned chemicals. Where dead sheep are’nt left to rot when dying from scrapies. The cattle and sheep here eat natural food and taste all the better for it. Where we go for walks down minor roads that would be dirt tracks in Spain. Where dogs and cats are’nt treated like vermin. Where hunters don’t shoot anything that moves and respect the closed season.

    It is also clear that you are jealous because Fred has homes in a few countries, perhaps if you had got your a**e into gear in your working life you might have made some money.

    Instead of posting rubbish on this forum, try getting fit, go for a few 10/15K walks at speed, lose some weight, it might clear your head so that you get to see Spain as others do.

  19. I’m not intolerant at all Fred, just against your wind ups for the sake of them …lol etc etc. really tedious all over this website. Read back and back and back.

    Thanks Stuart, you couldn’t be more out of order & completely wrong. Jealous of material things er no thanks

    Now get off and vent on someone else you rude person!

  20. Stuart you sound like the world has slowly chewed you up and spat you out and now you’re just a ball of anger! hilarious!

    Here’s to the following months of better weather for Spain anyhow.

  21. @Mr P, there are lots of other posts on other threads today, from other people, that have views on Spain that are critical. You only have an obsession with my comments. No one is forcing you to read or reply are they?

  22. Mr P,
    in your last two posts you have very accurately described yourself.

    You are still conflating Andalucia with Spain as a whole.

    If you could only find the energy to get off your couch you might see that it’s not always sunny, even in Andalucia.

  23. it’s you that carries on and on Fred & obsessed… you love it.

    nevermind, we’ve had a blast & at least I know I got your goat with that ‘Negative Nancy’ phrase! he he (I’d try and forget it)

    adios amigos – buena suerte!

  24. If you come to Spain I’d surround yourself with POSITIVE people, get out and about and learn the language. The better average yearly weather IS important to most people. I don’t think Brits (unless they’re stupid) stand in the sun all day like some people on here seem to think, but just knowing it’s there for months, from now, is fantastic.

    This website’s comments sections seem to be a BREEDING ground for a few ex pat cynics that have been stung by the system. (or ex country cynics Stuart! ha ha! Sounds like it’s you who’s obsessed with ‘future’ exercise.. & mine? …strange man).

    These are the sort of Brits who’s voices stand out a mile in bars saying Spanish this Spanish that. Really embarrassing.

    Good luck if you’re up for the more laid back lifestyle over here and manage to survive in this semi-corrupt country and are not forced to go back to the uk with all it’s problems (including the WEATHER most of the year).

    also extremely sorry for BORING anyone… myself mainly!

    ADIOS!!! now where’s my life gone…

  25. @Mr P, you’re going off on a tangent again. As I said before, I’m resident in Spain, working, paying taxes and supporting the economy, isn’t that a positive thing?

    A laid back lifestyle should not mean inefficient, unprofessional and corrupt. Also, being critical does not mean being negative, indeed critical people get change and generally get things done, whilst overly positive people are living on a false premise and are generally trying to make out they are positive all the time, when in fact they are not lol. Having a comments section that is just positive is not real life.

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