4 Apr, 2013 @ 14:48
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PP leader photographed with drug smuggler

Galicia pic e

OPPOSITION leaders are calling for a PP boss to resign after photographs emerged of him holidaying with a convicted drug smuggler.

Albert Nunez Feijoo, leader of the Galicia region, faces a grilling after several pictures were published of him in the company of notorious drugs lord Marcial Dorado.

The pictures, believed to have been taken in the mid-90s, show Feijoo and Dorado relaxing on a boat while others show the pair at a property owned by the criminal.

The politician has admitted to having a ‘personal relationship’ with Dorado but insisted he had no idea about his friend’s illegal activity at the time.

Feijoo said he immediately cut all ties with Dorado following his arrest.

However, a spokeswoman from the Galician Left Alternative party insist that the whole region knew of Dorado’s links with organised crime.

The party has also demanded that the PP official provide ‘convincing explanations’ as to why he was so close to Dorado.

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  1. I wonder if this is the same high profile cocaine smuggler that had an enormous house built just outside Ortigueria where we used to live.

    We used to regularly pass it on our walks to Espisante by the back route.

    The local mayor, a stalwart of the Galician Fascist party – oh sorry PP gave permission for his brother to construct a 10ft re-inforced concrete wall right around his 1 hectare property, I could’nt begin to estimate the construction costs or the sinister feeling it gave to the whole area.

    You would have to live in Galicia, especially the north to understand that for the Fascists, Franco is still alive.

    All senior police/lawyers, judges and administrators come from old established Fascist families. People are to this day frightened to say anything that will be frowned upon by the Fascists, they won’t take you for a walk in the night from which you will never return like they used to do but they will destroy you financially – with ease.

    I have personal experience of this corruption, nearly being killed by an arrogant young woman driver whilst out jogging but I won’t elaborate as it would probably be deleted by the editor.

    Just remember that if you visit Galicia where the Rias are spectacular and whose beaches put the whole Med coast to shame – don’t get on the wrong side of anyone connected to the PP.

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