A MYSTERIOUS reptile, dubbed the ‘La Cala Croc’-which sparked a large-scale emergency search after first being spotted in a lake in La Cala de Mijas area in February- has been found dead.

The 2 metre-long croc was first spotted by gardener Mario Calvente and Seprona officers later found footprints belonging to the giant reptile.

Officers were hoping to capture the croc when temperatures rose but said they would have closed off the area if he had not been found by May.

Warning signs were up in MijasTown Hall and residents living nearby admitted they were ‘freaked out’ by the sightings.

But on Monday the body of the Nile crocodile was found in one of the streams in the known as Majada Vieja near to the urbanisation of La Mairena.

He was discovered by personnel from the TorremolinosCrocodilePark and the Mijas Local Police after several weeks of combing the area.

At present the cause of death is not known, but it is reported to have an injury to its head.



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