28 Apr, 2013 @ 09:24
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Woman jailed for throwing a dog out of a third storey window


IN a case that will appall animal lovers everywhere, a woman in Jaen has been sentenced to 15 months in jail, and fined €900 plus €500 vets fees for throwing a neighbour’s Chihuahua out of a third storey window.

The act took place when the dog escaped from the flat next door and ran into the woman’s apartment.

On finding the tiny dog in the hallway she immediately flung it out of the nearest window, three floors up.

The Chihuahua’s owners denounced the woman to the Guardia Civil and she was prosecuted under the Andalucian Animal protection laws. She also threatened a witness to the crime, and received an additional fine.

Although the dog suffered internal injuries in the fall, happily he made a full recovery.


  1. horrible cow, jaen always seems to be me to be a strange place
    we looked at a house there in the town and everyone stood there staring at us and not in a nice way. very creepy

  2. About time that the Andalucian Animal protection laws were put into force. Please take note and report any animal cruelty that you witness. It is a crime, and it´s everyones duty to report it. If you don´t report it, the cruelty will continue.
    I´m so pleased the poor little dog made a complete recovery, and l am more than pleased that this woman is where she should be…locked up!

  3. With more court actions / news reports of this type, Spain could even start to overturn its previous reputation of being unconcerned about animal cruelty. “Well done” to all those people and Authoraties who pursued this prosecution through to its rightful outcome – “Justice”
    15 months imprisonment is a very good deterrant sentence.

    Interesting comment about Jaen too – think I will steer clear .

  4. In Spain a conviction resulting in under 2 years in prison does not result in a custodial sentence, so the woman is probably not in prison, unfortunately.

    Regarding Jaen, best to go yourself and make your own mind up.

  5. ‘…everyone stood there staring at us and not in a nice way. very creepy’

    People always look around in Spain, see what’s going on, unlike some close minded towns in the uk where you hardly know your neighbour.

    Talk to any Spanish people in Spanish, smile, ask them things, & you’ll get a good response. Unless you do a cockney/Spanish accent…

    Good result for the b**** who threw this little dog out of a window!

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