12 Sep, 2013 @ 14:28
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VIDEO: Madrid’s ‘relaxing cup of café con leche’ Olympic speech

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BARCELONA mayor Xavier Trías slammed Madrid the day after it had its 2020 Olympics dream dashed.

Madrid came third in the Olympic Committee vote behind Turkey and Japan, with Tokyo winning the bid.

Trías mocked the Madrid Olympic committee for their “poor English” — especially Madrid Mayor Ana Botella’s whose speech was an embarrassment.

He believes that Barcelona would have a better chance of winning the bid. “Brand Barcelona is more powerful than Istanbul and almost as powerful as Tokyo,” Trías told Catalan radio station RAC1.

Trias would consider applying for the Winter Olympics 2022, 2026 or 2030, but, with a bit of a jibe toward Madrid… “It doesn’t make sense to present an Olympics bid just to make a fool of oneself”.


  1. As an insider in this business, I can say that the Spanish sports hosting candidacies are universally dreadful, relying more on “hospitality” (read that as you will) than in actual hard facts, figures and concrete undertakings.

    So no surprise here except for the fact that the Spanish are surprised.

    Stick a professional at the head of their bidding committees and there’ll be a change.

    Money would help too….

  2. And how much of taxpayers money did she pay the speech writer and coach??. Now that’s the key question that they will never answer. A good guess would be well into six figures. Crisis? what crisis?.

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