18 Sep, 2013 @ 15:22
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Regional president of Valencia accused of extravagance

Alberto Fabra

VALENCIA’S regional president, Alberto Fabra, has been spending the towns coffers while sacking public staff and hiking taxes.

The town has recently hiked inheritance tax and owes millions to its health centres, hospitals, schools and pharmacies.

Schools have had to make thousands of teachers redundant and increase class sizes.

All the while Fabra enjoys the comforts that money brings, including 16 consultants, three chauffeurs and a personal chef.

He also has a maître d’hôte in charge of the dining hall and kitchen, waiting staff for lunches and dinners even when there are just a few diners and staff whose sole responsibility it to check the tablecloths and serviettes.


  1. If what Anselmo says is true, the whole bunch of them should be in prison for squandering taxpayers hard earned money.
    I often see even farmers, not able to raise enough from their land to live on, going through the rubbish bins for any metal they can find.
    It’s a national disgrace and Spanish voters should generally be ashamed of their choice of politicians for the suffering they impose on ordinary Spanish workers.
    I see no alternative to an EU audit of all national and regional government expenditure and mass sackings/trials following the result.
    There are just a few brave souls, judges, etc., who know the cause of Spain’s economic problems and they are doing their best to publicise it, but all risk losing their jobs by the all-powerful, corrupt majority.

  2. Stuart, antonio2:

    You can find hundred of examples of wasteful made ??by our politicians, because it is customary

    Is a fact that any mayor or any political with some importance hire dozens or hundreds of friends and advisers, with salaries between 30 and 60 000 per year. Usually these advisers are people without any formation.

    In Spain there are more official cars assigned to politicians and managers, with his driver include, and paid by the public budget as in all United States. A few years ago a certain politician, not pleased with his new Audi or Mercedes, ordered tune it, to turn it into a mobile office. The cost was higher than the vehicle.

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