SHOCKING footage has been posted on YouTube of a satirical play in which giggling Spanish students wearing military fatigues and carrying plastic guns shoot dead Union Jack-wearing ‘Brits’.

The video was posted online by Julián Trullenque Anés, who has worked at the Brianda de Luna school in the small town of Alfajarín, near Zaragoza. However, the original video has now been removed from YouTube.

It showed a group of sock and sandal-wearing ‘Brits’ setting up their deck chairs to a soundtrack of the National Anthem. But then a Spanish ‘tank’ arrives accompanied by students in camouflage and brandishing plastic guns who proceed to gun down the ‘Brits’ who fall to the ground as the music switches to The Clash’s ‘Spanish Bombs’. The audience of students and adults watching appear to find it all hilarious.

The latest incident comes after weeks of mounting tensions between Gibraltar and Spain following the installation of a series of concrete blocks aimed to conserve fish stocks, but prompted accusations from Spain that it would stop fishermen being able to earn a living.

In an unprecedented move, special teams of Spanish customs officials were then deployed on the border, stopping and searching all traffic and pedestrians leaving Gibraltar for contraband which caused huge delays of up to seven hours in sweltering summer temperatures.

And recently mayor of Callosa de Segura, Francisco Perez Trigueros, sparked outrage after posting a mocked up picture of a Spanish invasion of Gibraltar on Facebook.


  1. Ithername
    OCT 7 7:24 pm
    The article, is interesting, but wrong.

    1º) There aren´t 11 points in Propaganda Goebless rules, there are 19 ,according Wikipedia. In reality more than 30

    2º) Practically any of the 19 points, and any of the eleven points matches with the actuation of the spanish mass media about Gibraltar.

    3º) If you read carefully the article you´ll find that in this is wrote that all the troubles were started by the blocks of Picardo, who deprived to the fishermen of their posibility of work in this place.

    4º) Nobody says that the Picardo action is similar to the Goering plan ,called Hunger Plan, for to kill by starvation to 20 millions of russian civilians in the occupied territories in Russia . But there is a paralelism more clear that the paralelism between the spanish press and Goebbless’ propaganda.

  2. So funny , glad to hear/see that young Spaniards have a sense of humour and irony to events (i.e. Gibraltar) that are beyond their control and will most certainly be forgotten as they grow up…and realise how insignificant Gibraltar actually is. And so funny to read all the totally “mortified” responses from those on the Rock…please get over yourselves. This one act at school will not come as a detriment to anyone or impress upon a generation. Spanish kids spend 99.99% of their time studying about everything else except the silly colonialists on the rock and are obviously have a silly time doing something “silly”. As if those on Gibraltar don’t have jokes, or I dare say repeated insults about the Spaniards? LIke i said, get over yourselves and don’t judge the Spanish education system or the morals of a bunch of student “taking the piss”. Really, I am cracking up at how serious you whities on the Rock take this….jaja…by far, it is much better for the Spanish culture to not have anything to do with a bunch of people with absolutely no sense of irony, youth or to put it frankly…just can’t be cool and enjoy life without feeling offended by anyone who dare says something they disagree with. Long live the Jack..XX

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