8 Nov, 2013 @ 16:48
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Nuclear submarine moored up in Gibraltar


A NUCLEAR submarine which ran into difficulties has been moored in Gibraltar for over a week.

The Triumph, one of four submarines of is kind in the Royal Navy, is said to have been experiencing technical problems for a while due to its age.

It is moored up at South Mole and it is not known how long it will be there.

This is the second time a nuclear submarine has been brought into the territory for repair.

Crew on the Tireless flagged up concerns about the vessel’s nuclear reactor last year.

It remained in the port for nearly 12 months, and its stay provoked a diplomatic conflict between Madrid and London.

Claire Wilson

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  1. Anselmo
    I agree but consider the following
    1. Because of the risks, the measures taken to ensure safety are far more stringent than when dealing with a conventional warship during a visit.
    2. Rota has nuclear weapons/warships regularly docked. The number of these are not divulged by the USA but they are there next to a highly populated area. But they do bring in the dollars.

  2. It was a routine visit. Special arrangements were made to repair HMS Tireless when it was in Gibraltar in 2000 and these arrangements were NOT made for HMS Triumph, it was a routine visit.

    However, it may have picked up cruise missiles capable of being fired at Madrid.

  3. Typical posts from people that have NO understanding of how a submarine works or is supported when tied up in a foreign port of course there where ‘special’ precautions taken but no more than used if pulling in to any other port . As for being ‘old’ she ain’t that old just thw Spanish looking for another reason to try an get Gibraltar back even though the locals don’t want to be Spanish oh an one more thing Gibraltar is British an there for if we want to put one of our warships in one of our ports there is nothing you can do about it


  4. Peter

    I admit I do not understand a word of submarines. But i know that the UK is about to throw a new generation of highly advanced submarines.

    I think that UK, in the port of Gibraltar, he can do what he want, is His port.

    But people worry me.

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