AS part of its drive to modernise and improve patient care the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) recently opened a new Day Surgery Unit in St Bernard’s Hospital.

Day surgery allows a patient to come in to hospital for an operation and return home the same day. The unit employs the most up-to-date surgical and anaesthetic techniques to ensure rapid recovery and minimal complications.

In the UK around 70% of all surgery is carried out this way and the NHS is trying hard to improve this number to be more in line with practice in the USA and Canada where the figure is closer to 90%

Importantly, the GHA will be able to greatly reduce the chance of operations being cancelled due to lack of beds ensuring people are not put through the inconvenience and distress this causes.

To ensure the GHA offers the most up-to date practices and the best possible day surgery care to its patients, the old area has been completely redesigned and modernised with facilities for 15 purpose-built day surgery beds for patients to be prepared and recover from their operation.

Special seating areas with TV and reclining chairs will allow people to complete their recovery from anaesthesia safely and in comfort. Care will be provided throughout by a dedicated day surgery team.

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