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New hunt for car trickster Peter Goldburg

Peter Green
Peter Ian Greenberg

TWO Britons are desperate to track down Peter Ian Greenberg after he lost five vehicles being transported on the same consignment.

Greenberg – who lives in a rented home in Nueva Andalucia and uses two aliases ‘Peter Green’ and ‘Ian Berg’ – refused to comment on the case.

However, this is despite Essex-based Sarah Coleman paid ‘Green’ €660 to transport her UK-plated Toyota Granvia back from Spain four months ago, but has since been told the vehicle has gone missing.

“Green has washed his hands of it. He refuses to reimburse me as he said he is merely an agent and it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the car is repatriated.” Coleman told the Olive Press.

“I’ve had no luck with the driver, a Dutch man named Karel Wiggins, as he’s gone awol. The only means of contacting him is via his Facebook page, which says he is now living in Ibiza! I’ve had no response from him.”

The only lead she has had came from a friend who believes she has seen her Toyota driving around Benidorm, where she used to live.

“My friend said she had seen my car, or at least one very similar, driving around town.

It’s a very distinctive car, it was a Japanese import, and there are not many of them about, certainly not in Spain!,” she said.

Coleman has reported the car stolen to police and the DVLA in the UK, but other than that her hands are tied.


“The UK police can do nothing about it as the crime took place in Spain,” she said. “The Spanish police say they are looking into it, but don’t appear to be doing anything.

“I can’t even denounce him as I’m not in Spain, I’m loathe to travel over and incur all the expense just for that.”

Another victim, Brian Jackson, claims his vehicle, a 2006 Renault Megane, has also gone missing, and after months of trying to resolve the issue with Greenberg, the conman stopped taking his calls.

Greenberg was first exposed by the Olive Press in December after a reader told of a costly six month wait for his vehicle.

Chris Mullender, from Preston, used Green’s company Eurocar Transporters last March, expecting the job to take just five days.

But after a series of disasters, including the arrest of the transportation truck driver, and the loss of both his car and its key, he didn’t see his car again for six months.

He said: “I’ve known of him for about 10 years, and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

“I’ve heard of a number of people who have been reunited with their vehicles, but the cars have been damaged, or scratched, or something has been stolen from the inside.”

He added that Green, who has another company Car Transportation, was having problems paying the rent on his home in Las Brisas and is facing eviction.

It will not come as good news to any of his victims.

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. I was going to use him to get an MOT without having to take the vehicle anywhere.
    This is a service he offers for 400euros.
    Now that I have heard more about him there is no way that I would trust him.He seems to cheat everybody and threatens them if they complain.
    Cannot think why the respective authorities allow him to trade.

  2. i am the president of the community in which this individual resides.i know for a fact that
    1/he parks cars awaiting transportation in our community without respect for their care and/or without consideration for the concept of trespass
    2/he is several months behind in his rent to his landlord and proceedings have been issued against him
    3/last time i spoke to him re these issues he threatened to have me beaten up and he was going to set my house on fire
    4/i denounced him later that night
    i suggest he is a somewhat complex character

  3. He obviously is a very dangerous and evil man.I hope that the steely grip of the law catches him soon.
    Imagine threatening to burn someone’s house down!
    Is the man mad?

  4. My car was put on a transporter to Belgium in March of this year, where it has stayed ever since as he hasn’t paid the Belgian company he used. I also understand he goes under the names of John Levitt and Tim Smith. Has anyone got any news of where he is?

  5. I too am a victim of Peter |Greene my car was left at the docks at Zeebruggae after many weeks.It had been hidden between 2 high vehicles and was damaged.|I really hope this man gets what is coming to him because he thinks he is untouchable and you cannot rip the British Public off like this. I am disabled and depended on my vehicle but he could not care less. Lets hope he is put into one of the notorious prisons in Spain.

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