5 Mar, 2014 @ 11:39
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Expats would rather be in the big smoke

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EXPATS in Spain might think they live in the best place in the world.

But it turns out the most popular place to live abroad is back in the Big Smoke.

London has been named as the most popular city to live overseas, according to InterNations, the largest worldwide expat community network.

It is closely followed by Dubai and Munich.

The majority of expats in Andalucia might beg to differ.

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. It becomes clearer and clearer the more negative drivel you write Fred (MOST EXPATS – what nonsense). These trapped moaning Brits must be the ones you actually listen to and are surrounded by.

    How is your Spanish by the way? Most people who can’t speak the language very well I know, have extreme bitterness towards this country they live in for some reason.

    No doubt your negative trolling anti-Spain mates will all join in as usual.

  2. The world has changed…it has become smaller and more in tune with major economies, tax etc is now applied… Expats came here for various reasons… the weather, the charm, the fact that is was not far and mainly because it was cheap…the dream is broken..Spain and the Costa is now on par with northern Europe. Nice, St, Tropez was always out of reach for most, Marbella etc was not… it has caught up…. What was economic bliss has become a closed cell… the crisis and the euro has turned for some the Coast into a place with no escape and to return home (UK) is impossible… the UK house prices have seen to that…at both ends of the spectrum…UK up Spain downwards… The expats on pensions are trapped but then again so are the Spaniards….. !!!

  3. No doubt your multiple personality disorder aliases will be posting some replies soon too Derek. lol.

    Anyone who has purchased in Andalucia is looking at 35-50% mark-down on their property (since around 2008) and that is enough to stop most people from moving back to their home countries, especially after the ludicrous estate agent fees, lawyers fees and the old plus valia tax scam all kick in.

    My Spanish is passable, I’ve had lessons for a good few years and speak Spanish to the locals, and have many great Spanish friends. I’ve even been invited to two Spanish weddings – have you? Sorry to disappoint you. Again.

  4. Fred,
    I’m as guilty as you of ‘feeding the klootsuk troll’ we must desist.

    I’ve never heard of this organisation but I have read somewhere that in polls the top places were Frankfurt/Stuttgart/Vancouver – London did’nt figure and unless you are a mega-rich ex-dom forget it.

    I have visited Stuttgart and Heidelburg, very pleasant cities and with good micro breweries and friendly women, definately worth visiting both cities.

  5. If it came to choosing between spending a million on a converted toilet in central London and the same on a (legal) luxury villa overlooking the Med would it be such a difficult choice?.

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