HUNDREDS of brutal hunting traps have been seized in an investigation into two private hunting estates in Sierra de Yeguas.

Environmental officers also found large quantities of poison after discovering three dead foxes and four dead mongooses close to the grounds, which are owned by the same hunting club.

Sniffer dogs were used to track down poisoned baits and officers carried out searches at five warehouses.

They seized more than 300 different traps and nets, as well as two bottles of poison and a large amount of white powder which has been sent for analysis.

It appears the animals were killed in order to stop them preying on the game, including rabbits and partridges, favoured by hunters.

So far two people are facing fines but the Junta is yet to decide whether criminal proceedings will be undertaken.


  1. Hello. I have lived here in Spain for over 20 years. Coming from UK originally, I love this coutry. One thing mistifies me however.
    I know the History of the Bars on all Windows of Properties.But after living here for so long and in different propertie, I fail to inderstand why these Bars cannot be removed from the inside, especially in case of a fire, as MOST housed or Villas here do NOT hve a back door entrance in case of any emergency.(Architectual error ?)
    Because of this, many people have died because they cannot escape. I am in the middle of designing a Metal bars window which can be released from the inside to be able to get out through the window area,as a big safety feature.Norman

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