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Warm weather prompts early appearance of poisonous processionary caterpillars that can kill dogs in Spain

THE mild winter has brought early appearances of processionary caterpillars which can kill dogs and make young children ill. Sightings have been reported in woodland...

Spain is home to 11 types of snakes, three of them venomous vipers—but how dangerous are they?

THERE are 11 types of snakes in Spain, but only three of these are venomous, the last of which causes between 2,000 and 5,000...

WATCH: Police officers rescue poisoned fox in Spain’s Malaga

THE veterinary team at the Andalucian Centre for the Recovery of Endangered Species (CREA) are battling to save the life of a fox rescued...

Spain’s Andalucia clamps down on use of poisoned baits for hunting purposes

THE JUNTA has reduced the use of poisoned bait against wildlife by almost 70%. Poisoned baits have been used as a method of pest control...

Manhunt launched after dog KILLED by ‘poisoned’ food at popular dog beach on Spain’s Costa Blanca, with four other...

Whilst police investigate who may be responsible, council workers are combing the area and the neighbouring beaches of Cobaticas and Playa Gachero for further traces

Man in Spain killed by Asian wasp as insects move towards Costa del Sol 40km each year

The wasps will conquer Spain from north to south, according to insect expert Marcos Negrete

‘SHE DIED IN 15 MINUTES’: Expat’s puppy in Spain had ‘seizures’ after drinking at famous lake in 4th fatal...

The Guardia Civil’s SEPRONA division are now taking water samples at the site and autopsies are set to be carried out later today

Europe’s first fire ants that make cats and dogs go blind found in Marbella and could take TWO YEARS...

The finding of the invasive creature, published in the journal Iberomyrmex, is thought to have been in part due to increased temperatures on the Costa del Sol

Marbella pensioner ‘poisoned neighbour’s chickens’ for interrupting his sleep

A SPANISH pensioner has been arrested for animal abuse after allegedly poisoning half a dozen chickens in Marbella. The 77-year-old is accused of using rodenticide...

BREAKING: Man arrested ‘carrying poison’ in Marbella following death of at least 16 dogs

A MAN has reportedly been arrested in Marbella this morning in connection with the dog poisoning case. Local sources say the suspect was picked up...

EXCLUSIVE: Another pet dog killed by poison on Costa del Sol as Estepona town hall refuses to comment on...

ANOTHER dog has been killed by poison on the Costa del Sol. The pet podenco Yellow dropped dead within minutes of allegedly ingesting the toxic...

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Pet killer’ poison in ANOTHER area of Marbella as British expat’s dog killed in just 20 minutes

POLICE are probing at least two parks linked to the deaths of over a dozen dogs on the Costa del Sol by poisoning. According to...

Costa del Sol hotel accused of purposefully poisoning cats and birds

Expat animal rights groups, including Adana, are now investigating claims that they were killed by workers at the Pierre y Vacances resort

Fox furore in the Campo de Gibraltar

A GREEN group has called for action in the Campo de Gibraltar after finding a poisoned fox. Alfredo Valencia, President of Ecologistas en Accion, has...

Rising use of poison is wiping out Ronda wildlife

Environmental groups call for increased action and tougher sentences

Hundreds of hunting traps seized in Sierra de Yeguas

Investigation sniffs out poison, traps and nets at private hunting estates




Analysis: Why has Spain’s prime minister called snap elections?

SPAIN’S prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, has been famous for taking risky decisions throughout his political career. And most of the time, these decisions have...


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