Did teenager Amy Fitzpatrick become the victim of a sordid sex ring? New evidence has risen of the night she disappeared and a suggestion that she could be buried by Mijas race course. By Tom Powell and Imogen Calderwood in Mijas

IS this the spot, shaded by fir trees and tucked behind an isolated stable block, where missing teenager Amy Fitzpatrick lies buried?

An anonymous caller had pinpointed this exact spot in an emotional late night phone call to the missing 15-year-old’s aunt in Ireland in January.

Coming almost six years to the day that the teenager literally vanished on the Costa del Sol, her aunt Christine Kenny was given the information of where she had been buried by the Irish caller at her home in Dublin.

As revealed exclusively by the Olive Press last month, she has given the information to both the Irish and Spanish police and made an emotive appeal for a new search to be launched.

Now, as the Police have apparently failed to search the area, the Olive Press can further reveal that the caller claimed she was she buried behind the fifth stable block at the hippodrome race course, just above La Cala de Mijas.

The eerie site is just a few minutes drive from the house she ‘didn’t’ call home in the Las Lomas urbanisation in Riviera del Sol.

In fact, it has become clearer and clearer in the years following her disappearance that Amy was miserable and scared and literally feared for her life.

Her school friends confirmed she was desperate to return to Ireland and live with her father Christopher and just a month after her disappearance on New Years Day, 2008, the Olive Press reported how she had been badly ‘neglected’ and had even been occasionally sleeping rough on a bench near her home.

Last week the coroner’s report was due back on the death of Amy’s older brother Dean.

Dave Mahon, mum Audrey’s long term partner, admitted stabbing his stepson to death in ‘self-defence’ in Dublin, on May 25 last year. However, the report has been handed over to the Director of Public Prosecutions in Ireland and any announcement delayed for six months.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Dave are back in Spain. They have taken up their usual seats at Los Ktetos bar, beside Mercadona supermarket, in Calahonda, and Mahon was quoted in the Irish press last week referring to Spain as their ‘home’ now.

But the fact he believes that a contract has been put out on him in Ireland may also be reason for the move.

Olive Press sources reveal the couple were joined at the bar last week by a man known as Scottish John. The same John, it emerges, who was allegedly seen talking to Amy in a bar on the night she disappeared.

Amy had been out with her best friend Ashley Rose on the evening of New Years Day 2008. At about 9pm, an hour before she was last seen, they were walking past a now defunct bar called Lil Robs in El Zoco, when the middle aged Scot beckoned them inside.

Scottish John had not been seen in the bar before and was not seen again after. Ashley sipped on a bottle of coke while John led the one-sided conversation. “All the while Amy kept quiet and stood behind her friend, visibly unhappy,” said the source, who lives nearby, and witnessed the meeting on that fated night.

“It was as though she didn’t want to talk to him, but she looked very depressed that night.”

Ten minutes later, conversation done, they left for Ashley’s home and took their coke with them. They were babysitting Ashley’s brother and did not want to stick around any longer.

After another ten minutes, John hurried out alone into the January night, leaving his coat behind.

He came back after 45 minutes, grabbed the coat and left, clearly in a rush, never to be seen in Lil Robs again.

It was this bar where Amy’s 16th birthday party was held in February that year in order to raise awareness.

Of course she didn’t attend her party. She hasn’t been seen since she left Ashley Rose’s house that night around 10pm and began walking ‘home’ along a dark, cold street.

According to Amy’s family in Ireland, police later searched John’s trademark white campervan, which was parked up in Benalmadena, but found nothing and the trail ended there. But the questions did not stop.

The Olive Press would like to speak to this Scottish John, described as tall, in his 50s and with grey hair in a ‘short back and sides’ style. He was reportedly drinking with another quite vocal man called Ross on that night. Ross, from Glasgow, was described as a regular in the bar.

A different Olive Press source related an incident in another bar where Dave, John and Amy’s brother Dean were drinking. John dropped his bag and like a scene from a gangster movie, cash poured out. While underneath the notes was the cold steel of a gun.

“Don’t let him touch that money Dave,” barked John, allegedly.

Perhaps Dean was one of the few who knew what happened to Amy. His father Christopher revealed in May last year that Dean, who had a son himself, was beginning to open up to him about Amy in the days before his death.

He allegedly went to confront Dave Mahon about the disappearance of his sister on the day of his death, stabbed in cold blood inside Mahon’s house.

There are also rumours connecting Amy’s disappearance to a group of dangerous British men associated with nightclubs, prostitution and drugs along the coast.

One woman, who works in the sex industry, recently told the family in Ireland about a scene she witnessed in a Costa del Sol villa on the day after Amy disappeared.

“Why haven’t you got rid of that mattress?’ was the demand, referring to a blood-splattered mattress which sources have previously claimed to the Olive Press, Amy may have been killed upon.

The suggestions are that Amy may have been working as a prostitute and had unwittingly been dragged into one particularly violent ring.

It is however, just a theory at this stage and in no way corroborated.

The source herself, a London party girl, who uses louche photos on her Facebook page, has yet to confirm it to the Olive Press.

In the months following Amy’s disappearance, amid the whirling theories, Audrey and Dave traveled to Gibraltar and the Costa Blanca to appeal for help in finding her. Dave even handed out posters in the beautiful Moroccan port of Tangiers.

But when Audrey appeared on RTE’s Late Late Show in May 2008, the cameras caught sight of a pink nokia mobile phone. And in doing so, she opened up a whole new line of investigation.

For that phone belonged to Amy, and more than that, she had it on her when she left Ashley Rose’s on the night she disappeared.

Ashley told Amy’s aunt Christine in an email: “Amy used that phone on New Year’s Eve to get her mum’s number. It is where she kept all her contacts and listened to her music. I did tell the Guardia Civil this three years ago but they did nothing about it.”

Audrey claimed she found the phone in her house, which would surely prove her daughter did in fact make it home that night?

Or otherwise her abductor passed the phone back to her mum. Questions that have never been properly asked.

What is certain is Amy’s deep hatred for Dave Mahon. In her poignant personal diaries, part published in Ireland, she talks about spending nights on the street to avoid going back to his house.

In one extract, dated January, 19, 2006, Amy writes: “Dave is being a d**k as normal, accusing me of taking money. WTF wud I do dat. He has no f**kin rite 2 say I tuk it da stupid, bald, ugly WNKER!”

Even more damning is a haunting letter  sent to the Irish embassy – 18 months before her disappearance – from a school friend’s mother.

The mother-of-two, who now lives in Ireland, described the bullying, controlling actions of Audrey and a genuine fear for Amy’s life. She should know, as the teenager spent many nights, even weeks, staying at her house in the run up to her death.

Fast forward to 2014 and years of heavy drinking have taken their toll on Audrey. Doctors say if she does not get a liver transplant, she will die. Yet the couple continue to enjoy life at their Calahonda Hill pad, drinking at Los Ktetos.

Those concerned have long wondered where their seemingly endless supply of money comes from. The phone… Scottish John and his van… the rumours of prostitution and the mattress… the list of unanswered questions only seems to be increasing.

Is anyone at Malaga police actually trying to answer them?



  1. Of all of the published articles about Amy’s disappearance I find this one very disturbing! And to my mind the Olive Press has uncovered more information than either the Spanish or Irish authorities. Mahon returned to Ireland today to face whatever charge is coming his way over his stabbing of Audrey’s other child, Dean. I wonder what the charge will be? It is of note that Audrey was not with him on his return? They’re usually joined at the hip – perhaps she’s still sat on the bar stool of the pub in Spain hoping a new liver will come her way ….! Or perhaps to she’s too ashamed to show her face in her own home town, while the killer of her son, her (still) partner, faces justice for that CRIME!

  2. a disgrace is what this whole situation is!!! audrey is as much to blame! how could u stand in the same room as dave mahon let alone sleep in the same bed ! hello anyone with common sense can see through the two of them!!!

  3. Said yonks ago the question lies with the parents. She stayed at a friend of mines house several times as she was pals with his daughter. Alwayd allegedly unhappy with her mums fella so this all rings the same bells. I knew of a Scottish Jon in Benalmadena but never knew where hevlived. Used to drink on Gamonal. He used to work the phones fir timeshare resales. As for now God knows.

  4. The answer so often lies within the family.
    April Jones
    Tia Sharp
    Caylee Marie Anthony
    Bianca Jones
    Joana Cipriano
    Harmony Jude Creech
    Dominik Takács
    Leonardo Giovanni Sendejas
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    Michael Daniel Smith
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    Keisha Weippeart
    Zoe Evans
    Ruth Breton
    Jose Breton
    Samuele Lorenzi
    Jhessye Shockley
    Jamie Lavis
    and many more

    The first rule for Police is WATCH THE FAMILY.

  5. QUOTE Breakingnews Ireland

    The partner of Dean Fitzpatrick’s mother Audrey has been charged with murdering her son in north Dublin last May.

    Dave Mahon, with an address at The Crescent, Ongar Village, Clonsilla, appeared before Dublin District Court this morning.

    The 43-year-old appeared tanned and carried a walking cane when he was escorted into the court room for his brief appearance.

    The court heard he has kept in touch with Gardaí throughout their investigation and returned from Spain to face the murder charge.

    He has been remanded in custody to appear before Cloverhill District Court next week.

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