28 Mar, 2014 @ 11:04
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Mayor of Madrid demands protest ban in city centres

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OUTGOING?: Ana Botella

THE Mayor of Madrid is demanding protests to be banned in areas of cultural or historical importance throughout Spanish cities.

Mayor Ana Botella has urged the government to restrict the people’s constitutional right to demonstrate in places of artistic and historical importance, as well as large tourist areas and main transport routes.

If enforced, these restrictions would shield against protests in city centres across Spain.

The mayor insisted that: “The capital cannot tolerate public space being systematically occupied when Madrid is made the target of demonstrations, which effectively take the people of Madrid hostage.”

However, a report from the State Attorney General insists that the proposal would be unworkable.

The report argues that a protest causes no more damage to historical or artistic heritage that the usual movement of people and traffic, and that the next move would have to be to ban people and traffic completely.

The constitution currently says that the right for peaceful assembly, without arms, is authorised. Authorities at the moment can only ban protests when there is substantial disorderly conduct, or people or property are endangered.

The mayor did not identify specific areas for protection, but the ban would include all areas of cultural, historical or artistic importance.

Municipal sources have said that it would be practically impossible to determine which city centre areas would be accessible for protests, and as such the ban would lead to total restriction.

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  1. Banning protest, would it work. Mind you was it not a protest that led to riots in various towns in the U.K with massive destruction to properties and thefts, all shown live on T.V.

    Whatever happened to the guy that had burned down that furniture store that had been in the family a generation or two, (I think he spent a few day in nick with a slap on the wrist, ya know a typical sentence)

    Not sure if it had been rebuilt or the value of the insurance policy payout and the value of land had any deciding factor.

  2. Another typical undemocratic spaniard…. wait till we vote in november….. when we vote yes…they will introduce this franco style law, but to no avail……catalunya 2014 .. yes yes yes, down with the fake democracy…. gib+cat+meli+cuet united..

  3. Ana Botella has to be the most inept, incompetent and downright unfit for purpose politician in Spain. Sure she has plenty of competion but boy does she know how to make a hash of things!!!

    She brought international embarrassment on Spain by interfering in the Madrid Olympic bid. Now she’s proved yet again how useless she is. We shouldn’t forget that she is Mayor of Madrid now simply because her predecessor left to join the government – never publicly elected – and helps with her husband being a former PP Prime Minister.

    How Madrileños must cringe!!!

  4. @Fred,

    By the way did you also look up a BBC report and recommend it to a Brian who shot you down on that subject. Da.

    At least I admitted by first appraisal on the guy that had burned down that furniture store was perhaps a light hear-ted gesture, but that’s what responsible people do is to rectify instead of “U” turning all the time.

    See you had driffed from the post.

  5. @Fred,

    I accept that Brian was not part of this subject but it was an illustration on how you drift from a subject.

    Once again, keep to the subject and stop trolling.

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