THE image of Spain as a refuge for British criminals hiding out on the ‘Costa del Crime’ took a knock as the Guardia Civil announced a list of its Top Ten most wanted criminals – and there’s not one Brit on the list!

It is the first time the Guardia Civil has appealed for international help in the search for the suspects, who are believed to be in the country.

Commander Oscar Esteban is asking all concerned citizens and international agencies for their cooperation ‘because of the seriousness of the crimes and because of the difficulty locating them.’
Among the 10 criminals sought are two Spaniards. Juan Monteagudo Marmol is wanted for sexually abusing his daughter and battering his wife, and Jorge Simarro Arbiza, a drug trafficker.

The others on the list, nine men and one woman, are from Paraguay, Romania, Venezuela, Ukraine, Italy, France, Morocco and the former Yugoslavia.

They are wanted for crimes ranging from homicide to mafia activity.

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