A MASSIVE 85 companies in the Axarquia have signed up to a new plan to promote sustainable construction in Andalucia.

The plan will award grants of up to €200,000 to individual projects that promote energy efficiency, improve facilities and also promote the use of renewable energy in buildings and urban spaces.

A total of €200 million has been set aside by Malaga Province for the scheme.

The companies would be carrying out the work using reputable companies on the Andalucian Energy Agency website.

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  1. “…promote the use of renewable energy…”

    Promote renewable energy? Seriously? Spain has just left thousands of people in the lurch with regards to Solar installations. It promised people “a piece of the sun” and told them they would be investing in a profitable venture and gave them the subsidies amd promises to develop it.

    And then guess what? Yes, it did a total U-turn in the middle of the project, changed the law, and dumped the whole idea, leaving all the people who invested in the scheme with a load of debt. Yet another typically Spanish project. Even with all the sun that Spain receives, they still couldn’t properly develop it and turn it into a profitable venture.

  2. I have just spoken to someone who is knowledgeable on this subject and yes, everything Fred said in his first comment is true.

    Worse still, legislation is either being debated or actually implemented which will tax every kwh of solar electricity generated whether used or put back into the grid. The level of tax has apparently been set to deliberately make solar energy unprofitable for any small investor. Hardly very business friendly is it?

    So yes, it is negative but true and the only way you could draw a positive from the situation would be to lie about it.

    Is that what you want everybody to do Derek? Maybe you should stop being so insulting to everyone who dares to disagree with you and get a life. It is intellectually lazy and airheaded to constantly accuse people of “moaning” when you are in fact moaning yourself. You don’t have very much to offer really do you.

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