Friday, February 26, 2021
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Five of Spain’s Ibex 35 companies pledge €150 million to the health authorities to help fight coronavirus

LARGE companies from the Ibex 35 have donated €150 million to the health authorities to help in the fight against Covid-19.

Scientists create computer model to predict corruption in Spanish provinces

Interestingly, other risk factors for shady shenanigans include real estate tax, a housing price increase, bank openings and the creation of new companies, according to the study.

New companies at seven-year high in Spain

A 4% year-on-year increase saw a total of 9,903 new companies being created during March alone

Tax havens rife for Spanish fat cats

Estimates say the 'submerged' economy accounts for a quarter of GDP

Surge in companies buying property in Spain

The number of homes bought by companies has rocketed since the financial crisis began

New plan backs sustainable construction in Axarquia

A massive 85 companies have signed up to the scheme


Juan Carlos I’s home in exile is a luxury villa in Abu Dhabi

HE may be living in exile, but he’s not exactly slumming it. Reporters from the television programme Viva la...