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Gordon Ramsay gets help from the Olive Press in Gaucin

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GORDON Ramsay is getting a helping hand from the Olive Press in a new TV show.

The fiery 47-year-old chef – known for his serious temper and foul mouth – asked us to run a rule over a Gaucin restaurant for a new series of his Channel 4 show, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

A fan of the paper, he revealed he had been having an ‘amazing’ time in Andalucia over the last two months.

“I love it down here. It’s amazing. And what a place Gaucin is!” said the Scottish chef, who owns or operates 24 restaurants around the world.

We were asked to review charming La Granada Divino, to be featured in a forthcoming episode set to air in the autumn.

He has already filmed two other recent episodes in Spain, one in Fuengirola at Jack’s Chicken Shack and another in Alicante.

During filming, we were lucky enough to meet the British star and try his food alongside that of the restaurant’s head chef Neil Brown.

As usual, Ramsay ‘threw a bomb’ into the recently-opened eatery, owned by Costa couple Milan and Gina Varmuza.

He bounced around in trainers shouting orders and generally throwing his weight around.

During the week, he was also seen in Duquesa port, accompanied by his camera crew, where he drew an impressive crowd of curious holiday-makers.

“He had us down in Duquesa handing out flyers and plates of food to promote the restaurant,” said a member of staff. “I am not sure it was quite our clientele, but we did what we were told. Gordon is the boss, after all.”

It was good to see his famous quiff still standing tall – despite scurrilous ‘hair transplant’ rumours in the press.

Tom Powell

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  1. “We were asked to review charming La Granada Divino”

    Just a quick reminder, this programme is called “Kitchen Nightmares” and features some of the very worst run restaurants in existence.

  2. How very sad! Gaucin is a charming village which does not need to be “put on the map” in what is essentially a PR exercise for a new restaurant. In terms of the number of foreigners who live here, the village has grown enormously in the past few years, but that doesn’t mean that we want to bring the Costa up the mountain. If we who live here wanted to live there, that is where we would be. Snout out Mr Ramsey, por favor!

  3. Again the competent staff were Spanish, and Gordon had to sort out the bumbling Brits in charge. Where did all the competent Brits go to? Australia?

  4. Of course the nature of the series is that Ramsay troubleshoots problem establishments. Don’t the Spanish have their own programme, called Pesadilla en la cocina?

  5. Englishsquid…. Why you say that the competent Brits went to OZ? The convicts were sent there many moons ago, and the competent ones are still in the UK.
    Ramsay merely leads a glorified advertising campaign for struggling businesses, what he does is hardly ground breaking stuff. Plus his own businesses failed and only a few survived. He is just a very good chef that can bully people around..old school. He reminds me a bit like Alan Sugar.

    I am a classically trained chef and Ramsay reminds me of a certain lecturer that threatened to punch me for grinning at him…bullys are in many kitchens….sadly.

  6. davidj: If the “competent ones” are still in the U.K. how come Oz is a financial powerhouse while the U.K. leads the world in food-banks, zero-hour contracts, foreign-owned utilities and clowns like Farage being taken seriously?
    Do agree about kiss-of-death Ramsay though.

  7. Stefanjo,

    you clearly do not live in the UK, as you have a strange view about life here. I don’t know anyone that uses any food bank, no one I know are on zero hour contracts, the EU enforces our foreign-owned utilities and Farage is certainly not taken seriously, he is a clown.

    Australia is lucky that we sent our convicts over in the 18th and 19th centuries, they are the forefather of the Aussies today. Oz has an amazingly large amount of natural anergy sources and minerals, and foreign labour has helped Australia mine these metals and minerals. The weather is on their side too and they can decide their own laws.We in the UK have limited sources of energy(land size!) Yet we taught the world how to mine and build ships and to engineer. Plus we do not treat our ancestors like shit, how does oz treat Aborigines?? and immigrants???? Homosexuals…. The UK is superior in comparison to OZ!! Got it?

  8. Stefanjo,

    I live in the UK, and you do not! You are the one that hasn’t a clue about life in the UK. You know nothing, and I see from your time on the comments that you are one hour ahead of us. So where are you and how did you form your opinions on Great Britain..where the whole world wants to live!

  9. Reap..cheers.
    yes, it’s the racist bigots that are envious of Great Britain, that spout such balderdash about one of the most important nations in history. Sad.
    You an expat in Spain?

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