A €20,000 installation of artificial grass has been removed after it was reported to give electric shocks to small children on the playground in Butibamba Park, Mijas.

Due to a combination of heat and the nature of the grass fibres, when children stood on the turf and touched the metal structure of the playground, they would feel a small electric shock.

Though the kids were receiving the shocks, it was the mothers who complained: a band of Mijas moms led by Sally Munoz appeared on a local talk show chanting “We want a solution!” and demanding an exact date for the removal of the material.

Soon after, the Socialist Party of Mijas (PSOE) had posted a video of this interview on YouTube with the provocative title “The PP denies electric shocks in Butibamba Park,” asking viewers to opine on the matter.

The headline’s claim refers to a line in the show in which operational services manager Daniel Gómez, responsible for the artificial turf’s installation, points out the commonplace nature of such shocks, and goes on to deny having personally felt the shocks at Butibamba park.

As a result of PSOE pressures, mayor Angel Nozal has addressed the issue, ordering the removal of the artificial turf.


  1. Was puzzled recently seeing astroturf being sprayed with water in a sports ground in Valencia. Obviously the stuff doesn’t grow, so is this a way of preventing static build-up?
    Might be cheaper than ripping up other artificial grass.

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