FOUR suspects have been questioned in Portugal in investigation of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

Not much information has been released about the nature of the questioning, but no new developments have been reported.

All four suspects are Portuguese citizens, including Sergey Malinka, a web designer – originally from Russia – who denies any involvement.

Names of the other suspects have not been released, but one is said to suffer from severe schizophrenia.

Currently 11 witnesses are being interviewed, a process which requires collaboration between Portuguese police and Scotland Yard. While Portuguese officers conduct the questioning, Scotland Yard oversees the process.

Police are currently excavating three key sites in the Algarve holiday resort of Praia de Luz, where 3-year-old Maddie disappeared in 2007.

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  1. Why do they think it is a schizophrenia. He is severe with it too. Yes they here voices but surely he would of stood out carrying a child out of the building and then walked down the street. If he had killed her he would of left her in the apartment dead anyway. There action’s are instant and when finished they normally have no idea of what they did

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