6 Jul, 2014 @ 13:00
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Poundland opens up shop on the Costa del Sol – but with interest

POPULAR bargain retailer Poundland has opened its first Spanish store in Torremolinos.

However, fans of the shop will be shocked to learn everything costs €1.50, which is actually 19 pence more than a pound at current exchange rates.

The Dealz shop has created 40 new jobs and represents an investment of more than €500,000 in the area.

To celebrate the grand opening, Dealz is hosting a fundraising event for all the family on July 10, from 10am, including music and prizes.

“We are extremely excited to be introducing Dealz’s unique single-price offer into the Spanish market at a time when households are trying to survive on a tight budget,” said the store manager.


Tom Powell

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  1. Pandora you are way off beam. Do more research and you will find your judgements incorrect. The clientele is far different to what you infer, hence it’s success. Sounds like you’ve never been in one or are totally disinterested in saving money where you can. We find PL a wonderful shop with excellent bargains, constantly wondering how they can offer goods at their prices. Super TV series recently on a similar competitor – very informative. Trust me the Chinese bazaars will have to up there game where they are way to expensive on everyday items.
    Yes you have to be market savvy to know that some ‘pound’ items can be bought for less in say Tescos, and you do have to realise some things are not the best quality but here in our local branch returns are unquestioned.
    Ideal shop too for popping in for lunchtime sandwiches, avoiding extortionate supermarket and cafe prices
    The comparison between a pound and one and a half Euros is a reminder of how strong the pound is at the moment and I would think Poundland/Dealz are just as unhappy about it. Naive headline subject really though the article itself will have done Dealz no harm at all

  2. Quite often, Poundland type shops sell proper branded goods, so the quality is there. They make their crust by screwing (deservedly) suppliers to the floor with their buying power.
    They snap up container-loads of over-ordered, out of style, or bankrupt stock. They get their backsides in gear, go to China, buy from the same places as the bazaars (but bigger) Put a penny or less per item on, stack ’em high and sell ’em cheap. Using the original principles of superstores, which the big guys seem to have forgotten. Much to their current chagrin.
    Snobbery has no place, where people need to economise Pandora.

  3. EDS, sorry but you are wrong. My wife and I scour Poundland and the local bazaars throughout the year. PL don’t have the £4 and over items that the bazaars sell but there is no comparison where many £2 to 3 bazaar items are sold for £1 by PL

  4. Yes stefanjo and those brands include Cadbury’s etc. The range of health nuts, seeds, dried fruits etc is larger than our Tescos and far cheaper than them or ASDA
    We’ve had bad buys like a non croaking motion detecting frog… but money back not an issue. Unlike the response we had from a La Cala bazaar. WE bought a suitcase and the first journey the wheels broke off. I thought I’d try for a refund. Unfortunately Mrs Wadjawanmedoo was at the till so I gave up.
    However we do use them a lot and am amazed at the stock. 5m HDMI cable €6 UK price £10 -15

  5. Poundland only works for the consumer who knows the price of everything. Otherwise you risk paying £1 for something costing 50p. They will also have cheaper versions of goods normally costing £1:10 selling for £1.
    You pays your money and takes your choice they are not a charity & will be making money on what they sell. Also inflation means that the £1 offer can not last forever.

  6. It’s called being streetwise or careful – something large numbers in the community have to be. As to inflation then just expect less in the packet. It IS a business that tends to consumers needs, long may it do so. Previously as a retailer my views were slightly less generous, but I found different ground on which to compete – not always that easy
    Don’t know why have entered into such time consuming correspondence.
    Blame Pandora’s elitist ignorance

  7. If a bazaar sells an item at 50 cents that Poundland sells at 1 euro 50, then I think I’ll stick to the bazaar thank you. Of course there may be the odd item where Poundland is cheaper. But if I need anything of real value that doesn’t break within a week, I think I’ll use better stores…

  8. Try Norway where Poundland are planning, allegedly, a chain of shops called Tennerland.
    Rumours of them opening further stores in Scotland, should they become independent, called McDuffland are unsubstantiated

  9. I don´t know what the problem is, Dealz have shops in Ireland, and they charge 1.50 euro for their goods.

    They set a price for their goods, my advice is if you don´t like it, then take your business elsewhere, personally think its a store which stocks far better quality goods than some of the Chinese stores which are on every corner and street in Spain, all selling the same stuff.

  10. Doing well with 2 new shops in Madrid apparently. I see the founder Ali Hussain has invested in property in Mallorca this year. Clearly he thinks this is a good moment to invest in Spain.

  11. @Quiddy: Of course, a pound is about the most that families can spend on an item in Spain currently. People invest because they see an opportunity, in this case destitute and poor people driven into the ground by the current Spanish government.

  12. The UK must be in terrible plight (not!) if the presence of Pound Shops means everyone is destitute! Probably saving their pennies to watch Chelsea or Barcelona play – or filling the shopping streets this Christmas.

  13. Not “everyone” is destitute in the U.K. squiddy, just the hundreds of thousands currently having to use food banks, thanks to the greedy few hogging the trough.

  14. For those who wish to purchase their English goodies (and lots do this time of year) the branded products (cadbury etc) will be a site cheaper here than most of the shops selling the same at 3 times the price, who do very well out of every one I am sure.

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