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EXCLUSIVE: Expat truffle farmer in hot water over unpaid debt claims

Wendy on plantation


HE claimed to have invented a ground-breaking truffle inoculation method.

And during a memorable visit to the Dragons Den BBC TV show in 2006, Dr Paul Thomas even snared €100,000 of investment from Yo! Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe.

While it was later put on hold, he went on to sell his exciting invention via his company Mychorizal Systems across the world.

Enter Wendy Smart, a horse-breeding life coach with direct marketing skills, among many other talents. The expat had arrived in Spain 15 years ago with high hopes of starting a truffle plantation to offer to investors.

After creating a slick website and an enticing business plan, she enlisted dozens of optimistic investors in the Ronda area with promises of high returns, under the name Europe Truffles. But nothing came to fruition. No estate was bought, nor a single tree planted.

So when she suddenly left Ronda for Valencia four years ago, claiming ‘better truffle growing conditions’, she left behind a trail of concerned expats, not to mention workers up-in-arms over alleged unpaid debts. At this point she enlisted Dr Thomas – and his new methods – who became another investor, unaware of the difficult situation he was getting himself into.

And now those anxious investors have teamed up with a series of  shareholders in Valencia who also claim that their investment is anything but safe.

A part of Smart’s Valencia plantation

Concerned about the state of her plantation, in Tirig, and the future of its oak trees, they cast doubts that they will ever see a return on their money.

And worse, despite receiving up to €1 million in investment, Smart – the majority shareholder – is refusing to pay some ex-employees.

Dr Thomas admitted that he had been contacted frequently by fellow investors, who were worried about the plantation.

The Sheffield-based scientist told the Olive Press: “I hear a lot of allegations about the plantation and Wendy, but I am always cautious. But if the plantation is neglected then the likelihood of achieving any crop is extremely low.

“We are still waiting for test results before making judgments, and I have also not visited the plantation since the very beginning, when it looked good but Wendy has asked me to come this year.”

Expat Roger Wallis, who originally worked with Smart over a decade ago in Ronda, claims that if he did actually visit, the scientist would no doubt be ‘horrified’.

“The plantation does not look healthy and apparently a third of the crop is dying,” he claimed.

The leader of a recently launched action group, Wallis invested almost €20,000 in 230 trees in an effort to help Smart, his then friend, in 2013.

He also persuaded friends to invest, before discovering to his ‘horror’ that she had already received ‘nearly a million pounds in investment’, much of it sent to an offshore company in the Seychelles.

“She owns over 65% of the shares in the company so therefore she is almost untouchable,” he told the Olive Press.

“I have tried to shake up the shareholders – especially Dr Thomas – because they all stand to lose a lot of money.”

For one person it is already too late. Former management consultant, Trevor Suter, who is still owed €70,687 (£56,000) for his work in promoting and overseeing the Europe Truffles project.

Now living in Cambodia, Suter worked for Smart for eight months between July 2008 and March 2009.

He insists he should have charged even more, but was placated with the false promise of becoming a shareholder.

In the end, the only money he received was for flights and some other minor expenses.

“I was appalled by how she was acting and I suggested they replace her with a new management team, but nobody listened and I ended up quitting,” he said.

“It’s caused me so much stress over the past five years.”

Meanwhile a sacked worker, Jose Alfonso Roda, told the Olive Press he too has never been paid for his services on the plantation.

The Spanish labourer, who was in charge of irrigation, is still owed around €10,000 for four months work.

Another disgruntled worker Harriet Risueno-Charlton, now living in London, stopped working for Smart as a translator when her wages dried up.

She told the Olive Press she spent much of her time appeasing land-owners, workers and a multitude of people who were also owed monies.

“She was always desperate for money which seemed bizarre for someone with apparently such a big business,” she said.

“More and more debts kept unfolding as I was doing her translation, until after a while she stopped returning my emails and calls, and wouldn’t pay me.”

The shareholders, including a previous business partner, expat Karen Williamson and Ian Hunt, a retired businessman, are also discussing how to solve fears over Smart.

Smart however denied the debts to Suter and Charlton, and claimed that she wouldn’t pay Roda as he couldn’t prove he had done his job properly.

She insisted that the plantation will begin producing truffles within a year, with investors then beginning to recoup their investments.

She also denied allegations of neglect; however she didn’t deny that at least some of the money had gone to the Seychelles.

Smart admitted: “People who have been disengaged have their axes to grind as normal.

“It’s not easy for an English woman who doesn’t speak Spanish, but I work 24/7, did all my homework and will defend my business.

“If I wanted to scam people and take lots of money, I wouldn’t do it by working myself into the ground on my plantation!”

Tom Powell

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  1. The woman owes me and two other lads €10,000 for building work and the builders merchant €5,000 for materials which she never paid for back in 2007/08 every time we asked for payment she promised us a stake in her truffle farm. The reason she left ronda was she ripped off half the town

  2. The last time I saw Wendy she tried to sell me some Easter Island statues!! How anyone could have ever been daft enough to trust her is beyond me … it was one scheme after another and she left debts everywhere she went.

  3. First impression of Wendy was what a false woman. Always go with your gut instinct. Therefore I never got involved in anything she had a hand in.
    Lucky me and my husband…

  4. This women is doing the same thing here in Tortosa Tarragona,i ask you all please go on the Tortosa forum and tell the people what this woman is all about, we at Myspanishome have been lied about by this cunning nasty woman,yes folks she still owes us money, and many more people as well.

  5. Wendy conned me into a swop on her mini horse farm in Xerta, Tortosa. Advertised as a few hours work for exchange for a comfortable mobile home, with full electricity, wifi… even has a porcelain bath. What a joke, one solar panel old batteries that can’t hold a charge – so not enough power to even run the shower. Not enough power to run a light, or the toilet, so no hot water or sanitation. Filthy dirty. A few hours a week turned into full time 7 days a week with total responsibility of the yard. She is dishonest, manipulative and a con artist. I stayed for the horses sake for four weeks living in squalor. Stay clear!!!!

  6. Hm truffle farming woman sounds like she’s had her snout in the trough, it obviously sounded like a plausible idea but turned out to be another scam.

    As she doesn’t deny sending monies to the Seychelles that in itself is a strange destination so I would advise anyone concerned to contact Eden Island Development Company (Seychelles) Limited just in case she has invested in that development which happens to be the main large-scale development on the Islands with lots of apartments/villas most selling off-plan (not dissimilar to Spain).

  7. In the attempt to support anyone who may be needing help with this, I have also posted on here that this woman owns at least 2 offshore accounts based in the Seychelles and posted their details but so far this has not been added to the topic. This information however is for all to see on a Google search of her and her Truffle Company so is not privy information nor libellous.

  8. I have known Wendy for years both personally and business and she is keeping a dignified silence about all this BS – she does much good work; im sure many will figure out that others have a very different agenda and should check the facts not gossip

  9. I had the misfortune to have dealings with Wendy in 2009/10. She’s dead now so it’s been reported (Sept 16) and she’s left Martin one assumes with investments totalling 4million euro which have now disappeared apparently and a trail of debts. This is not the action of a fine upstanding citizen! She was a greedy, avaricious complete and utter nutcase. Good riddance.

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