24 Jul, 2014 @ 12:30
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ISIS: Our bid to retake Al Andalus


THE jihadist terrorist group ISIS has made Spain a target for its new Islamic caliphate.

Members of The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) revealed their plans in a video vowing to ‘liberate the land of their forefathers.’

In the Spanish recording, the extremists recall the days when Spain was part of the Arabic world and how much of Andalucia was under Islamic rule for centuries.

It comes as Spain continues its crackdown on Muslim extremism, most recently arresting collaborators of ISIS in Huelva, Malaga, and La Linea.

Last month, police raids in Madrid seized eight jihadist ‘recruiters’, while 12 others were arrested for being involved in terrorist activity.

The US Attorney General Eric Holder has suggested Spain step up its prosecution of potential jihadists.

Imogen Calderwood

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  1. What surprised me was when they let the bomb maker out of prison or maybe the supplier of parts for the Madrid bomb. In my opinion he should not be alive, hanging would have been cheaper and safer in the long run, hopefully that is not too harsh for the OP!

  2. tim,
    go to northern Iraq and say that to their face – pathetic armchair warrior.

    There was at least 2 occasions where Islamic fanatics made their way from Damascus to Al-Andaluz where they were promptly executed because Al-Andaluz was an outward looking scientifically advanced place, unlike northern Europe which was a backward disease ridden Christian cluster of countries. Did’nt the Christians murder anyone who opposed the power and doctrine of Rome – sounds like ISIS to me.

  3. For proof of the true aim of Islam read the Quran…..It’s all there an undeniable truth. Then perhaps take a look at what is happening all around you and how many counties are under direct or indirect attack by Islamist. Then perhaps read the words of their great “warrior” bin Ladan, for his views and aims regarding Spain…and nothing has changed.

    The myth of the golden Islamic age in Spain is at last being exposed as is the “Dark Age” of Europe….plenty out there to read and research.

  4. What I find most interesting in this report is the clear stupidity that ISIS have obviously no idea whatsoever about the nature of Islam under the times of Al Andaluz.

    These deranged madmen would die of shock if they were transported back to the times of the Moorish empire, with its stress on openness, education, acceptance of others and the like

    Indeed – we could do with the Spanish taking on board some of these very same traits themselves!!

  5. Al-Andaluz was not a myth but a reality destroyed by Christian savages – when Granada finally fell to the Christians the first thing these savages did was to remove all manuscripts from the university, all 10 tons and burnt them.

    The Teutonic knights wanted paying to ‘fight for Christ’ when the people of Constantinople would’nt be blackmailed they burnt down the totally irreplaceable libraries containing manuscripts from the times of Aristotle.

    I don’t need to research but you need to deprogramme yourself of your bigotry. I suppose your proud of the mass murder carried by Christians in Bosnia, I lost many friends from Srebrenica. The stealing of Palestinian land for the Jews and the brutal campaigns waged against them for over 50 years.

    When the Christian knights finally took Jerusalem, they slaughtered everyone all Moslem, Jewish and Christian inhabitants – what a shame for you that you could’nt be there to take part in the slaughter, you must be really hacked off about that.

  6. “you need to deprogramme yourself of your bigotry”


    “what a shame for you that you could’nt be there to take part in the slaughter, you must be really hacked off about that.”

    If there is one overriding factor in all of the Islamic apologists rants it is the switching of blame solely on others and their selective use of timelines. And their hate and wish for harm [usually death] for all those who do not agree with them.

    Learn from history, don’t use it as an excuse.

    Book-burning was not a new feature of invading forces an the Islamist did more than their share wherever they invaded.

    If the “Golden Age” was so golden in Spain what the hell happened prior and after they left in their lands of origin [expelled]? Nothing before and very little since. Still a backward thinking, brutal and medieval existence.

    Islam discovered little or nothing, their mythological gifts of education etc. came from those they had overran.

    A modern society can do without slavery, female mutilation, male domination, pathological Jew hate……just to mention very few Islamic ideals.

    ISIS are doing a great job at the moment promoting “The Religion of Peace” unless of course you are a Shia muslim.

    Islam with without doubt “implode” at some point in the future, but not before much more blood is spilled.

    Go in peace as you examine the meaning of Bigotry my friend.


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