A MASSIVE cache of weapons and ammunition, including firearms and explosives, has been discovered in a house in Rincon de la Victoria.

The terrifying arsenal, the largest ever discovered in Spain, consisted of more than 200 weapons of destruction.

The Guardia Civil’s bomb disposal unit was called to the scene as the stash of assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, mortar rounds and hand grenades was unearthed.

Two people, identified as A.H.A., and M.G.G.R., were arrested in the operation, carried out by officers from the Guardia Civil’s Organised Crime Team (ECO) and Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA).

The bust follows arrests which took place in May as part of Operation Ivy, an investigation into money laundering and town planning. Those arrested included a local Police officer in Malaga, as well as employees of the Urban Planning Department.

A working firearm discovered in the Churiana mountains led Guardia Civil officers to the house in Rincon de la Victoria in July.

Several books detailing sales of weapons and ammunition were found, suggesting the weapons were due to be sold on.

Investigations to determine whether any have been used in unsolved crimes, or are associated with crime, are continuing.

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