AMSTERDAM’S ‘Scarface’ has been identified as the man murdered in a Benahavis shopping centre in the early hours of August 28.

Samir Bouyakhrichan, 36, from Amsterdam-West, was one of the city’s top crime bosses and particularly involved in drug trafficking.

Known as ‘Scarface’ because of his heavy dealings in cocaine, he is said to have marked his cocaine blocks with stamps such as ‘AK’, ‘Mitsubishi’, and ‘Vuitton’, which served as quality indicators.

The Dutch-Moroccan drug lord was slain around 2am at the upmarket Monte Halcones shopping centre, just yards from ex-Real Madrid manager Fabio Capello’s home.

He was seated at the All in 1 café when his group was approached by two men who shot him in the back and head as he attempted to flee the scene.

Witnesses alerted the authorities but despite the emergency services’ efforts they were unable to reanimate the victim.

The gunmen remain at large and their motives unknown though Bouyakhrichan is believed to have been part of a gang feud that began after a cocaine shipment in Antwerp was partly stolen and partly intercepted by authorities.

He was registered as a real estate entrepreneur with Albina Properties 2009 Sl in Malaga since 2008 but has been continuously tied with serious crime by Investigation Services.

Despite his high profile authorities have systematically been unable to produce sufficient evidence to warrant conviction.

The murder investigation is ongoing and followed with keen interest by Dutch authorities.


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